Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The effigy of a Jew was burned last month in Wroclaw during a protest against European Union plans to settle Muslim ‘refugees’ in Poland; the effigy is first seen at 3½ minutes.

Forward gives the Jewish angle on the story:

Polish xenophobia was very much evident during the November 18 demonstration in Wroclaw, when demonstrators demonized Muslim refugees, warning that the refugees were not welcome in Poland.

‘Raped, beaten and murdered by the Islamic savages,’ the crowd shouted. ‘Do you want it on our streets?’ But what was the connection there between that and the burning in effigy of the Hasidic-looking Jew holding an EU flag, an action that Poland’s B’nai B’rith was quick to denounce?

‘The Jew has always been portrayed in Polish folk culture as an eternal threat and a stranger,’ said Piotr Pazinski, editor in chief of Midrasz, a Jewish cultural magazine in Warsaw. ‘Holding an EU flag fortifies their racist belief that Jews are orchestrating an EU plot to destroy white Catholic Poland.’

For ‘xenophobia’ in the first paragraph, read ‘plain common sense’. For ‘racist belief’ in the third paragraph, read ‘accurate analysis based on the Poles’ bitter experience of Jews’. Once again, Jews, world leaders at defending their own best interests, simply cannot understand that non-Jews should have the same right of self-defence.


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