Tuesday, 15 December 2015

As I wrote a couple of years ago (see here), the idea that you can stop Muslims moving in or constructing a mosque by "defiling" the site with pig heads is fanciful. There is no example of this having succeeded. The idea derives from a misinterpretation of something that happened in Seville. It's true that a pig was slaughtered on the site there but there were also many other forms of obstructive action, including legal action, and it was those that brought the project to a halt, not the blood of the slaughtered pig.


  1. https://youtu.be/mBH4S0luCKc

    1. It just isn't true though. Maybe this video is the original source of the misinformation. Even in the video you can see there were various street protests against the mosque project. It was the strength of local protest that prevented the Muslims doing the property deals they needed to carry out their plans. The pig head stunt was incidental.