Thursday, 3 December 2015

A firm decision. The Prefect of Rhône, Michel Delpuech, issued a decree on Wednesday banning the procession of the identitarians, scheduled for 8 December, in "honour of the Virgin Mary". They had planned to assemble on the Place du Change, in Old Lyon. 
"The organisers convey messages that are contrary to republican values and incite rejection, even hatred of part of the population," the Prefecture said in justification in a statement.


  1. Go ahead and march, and shame the devil.

  2. Russia calls on Turkey to restore the Hagia Sophia Christians
    After shooting down a Russian fighter by Turkey, the Duma (Russian Parliament) takes an offensive to recover one of the most important temples to Christianity after being mosque and is now a museum.

  3. I would be interested to hear your thoughts about this:

    PJ Media is of course in the pocket of Jews and neocons so it's a fascinating insight. Buchanan speaks truth and rather than debate him they resort to vilification and namecalling.

    1. I read Buchanan's book about Churchill and WW2 and it's well worth reading. I don't read much of his journalism but haven't seen anything I would disagree with. It's clearly true that Jews played a disproportionate role in pushing the Iraq war and it's clearly true that they were motivated in some way by a wish to favour the interests of their ancestral homeland, Israel. Anyone who can't acknowledge that isn't in contact with reality.

      It's true Sharon issued a few quibbles to Bush about invading Iraq but only because he wanted to divert him into attacking Iran instead.

      I'm sure it's true that Buchanan is an antisemite. But that's the wrong question. The real question is whether antisemitism is justified. Or to put it another way: do Jews exhibit distinctive behavioural patterns that could reasonably be considered harmful to the interests of non-Jews? I'd say that they do and that antisemitism is therefore justified. This isn't hatred. It's just a kind of heightened generic suspicion towards Jews that is subject to revision in the case of individual Jews once you have enough knowledge about them to judge them as individuals.

    2. That is interesting and it gels with my view also, thanks. I tried commenting on an american website, about an article saying "liberal media hates Trump" and all of my comments mentioning Jews etc were removed within minutes. So much for free speech; "conservative" Americans are just as hypocritical as "liberals". Thank goodness I'm in Europe.

      I guess it's safe to assume anyone branded an antisemite is actually a resistance fighter.