Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Board of Deputies has called on the BBC to hand over to the police details of a radio caller who made antisemitic accusations throughout a 13-minute on-air conversation. The caller, referred to as “Andy from St. Margaret’s”, told BBC Radio London host Simon Lederman that “they are trying to control us more and more and more.

It's hard to see what exactly is supposed to constitute a criminal offence in what this guy said. "We're dominated by Zionists Jews" seems to be about the strongest statement he made. Is that really a crime now?

The contempt for free speech these people have is mind-boggling. Jews, it seems to me, regard themselves in much the same way Muslims regard the Koran or Mohammed; that is that they see themselves, as a people, as the sacred object whose sanctity may not be impugned or infringed. When it is, they go into a revenge-seeking mania.

Jews react to criticism of Jews the way Muslims react to Koran burnings or insults to Mohammed. The mob hysteria reaction is the same in each case, albeit the Jewish reaction is usually less murderous. Some would argue, no doubt, that Jewish vindictiveness is not expressed through violence; but when people are sent to prison for expressing their opinions, the coercive powers of the state (ultimately expressed through violence when necessary) are mobilised to make that happen. So, really, violence, is used by both sets of Orientals. It is simply that the Muslims use it more directly.


  1. I’d say the aggressive Jewish reaction to criticism stems from extreme ethnocentrism, from Jews’ belief that they are a chosen people, from Jewish culture being a blame culture, and from Judaism sanctioning revenge.

    In contrast, whites are the least ethnocentric race, the West is a guilt culture and Christianity preaches forgiveness. (I don’t know if Christians believe they are chosen.)

    Two more dissimilar cultures you could not hope to find. When you add to the mix the Jews’ two-thousand-year grudge against Christianity and their thousand-year grudge against Europeans, the multicultural cohabitation of Jew and Westerner can only end in tears, and the Jews are doing their level best to ensure the tears are ours.

  2. The poor man might get in trouble without ever having made much of a point despite being given the opportunity to do so. If he wanted to discuss numbers he should have mentioned the Holodomor, Dresden or requested an exact death count of non-Jewish civilians during WW2. The Six Million is widely known by the general population, the other figure simply isn't.

  3. Theology, or ideology if you wish to so term it, explains the Jewish hate law concept (which predates Western legislation by many centuries: the Talmud regards non-Jews as not fully human in the same sense as the Jew, the Jew is the creation of his deity, to insult or in any way be deemed to have made remarks critical of the Jew is to have attacked this deity (a form of blasphemy). From this view derives lashan hara (evil speech) which, even if what is said is 'true,' is regarded as abhorrent and punishable. As for resentment against Christianity (Christ first and foremost) and Europeans, this is not a result of European or Christian animosity against Jews but predates Christ's Coming: Jews were deeply involved in the ancient world's slave trade (rather logically, given their view of the rest of humanity) and the use of usury as a weapon against other societies and peoples would already have caused hostility. The West must rediscover correct history and self-respect.