Saturday, 19 December 2015

Name the public park in Via Papa Giovanni XXIII ad Arcene after the journalist and writer Oriana Fallaci, "a paladin of liberty and democracy". That is the request the minority [political] advisory group of the Lega Nord will advance through a motion at the next session of the municipal council set for Tuesday. A motion that, after the agenda of the council assembly was published, provoked discussion in the region. 
It is significant that the mayor Giuseppe Foresti, indicates on behalf of the majority "Together for Arcene", a civil list with a centre-left orientation, that they will not close down this request from the Lega "provided that the naming relates to Fallaci the journalist and writer". Words that indicate the intention of excluding from the affair Fallaci the author of the book "The Rage and the Pride" published after the attack on the Twin Towers on 11 September which, according to her detractors, brought her the accusation of nurturing a dangerous anti-Islamic sentiment. The book, which claims that we are in a war of religion, has returned to the limelight in recent days after the Paris attacks, leading to Fallaci being described as "prescient". Clearly the Lega Nord in Arcene groups falls into line with this second side, as is clear from the reasons listed at the foot of the motion. 
Among the main ones are that "the great journalist and writer," the document reads, "with great acumen and lucidity, was among the few dissident voices in the field of information and culture who tried to describe, in a realistic manner, the grave threat that fundamentalist fanaticism represented for western society." And then, that "the articles and writings of Oriana Fallaci demonstrate, in a clear manner, the profound realism and great foresight of the writer."

The Left is trying to delay the motion, or give the park another name, possibly renaming something else after Fallaci. It's said they fear "Islamic repercussions".