Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Around 80 of them appeared at the gates of the Livorno Governmental Building asking to be allowed to speak with the prefect Tiziana Costantino so they could explain their problems to her. Around 80 asylum-seeking refugees were involved, who stay at the asylum centre in Via S. Anna in Venezia, coming from Senegal, Guinea, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their protest was, first of all, about the type of food they are offered each day. "Every day we eat pasta and it is not part of our culture. We want to diversify the food offering so that it better meets our cultural requirements."

You honestly couldn't make some of these stories up. They're like April Fool stories.


  1. None of these people have any concept that they may be asked to adapt to someone else's culture in exchange for free food and a roof over their head. What they are really 'asking' for is money so they can eat in restaurants.

    1. Not entirely: what they are seeking to do is what most of these Moslem invaders are intent on --- the Islamisation of Europe --- and therefore they will DEMAND, not 'require', HALAL food, thus increasing its 'regularisation' in Italy, and the provision for more Halal butcherers, men well skilled in slaughter of flesh using very sharp instruments. And those Halal butcherers, besides possibly 'training' other Moslems, will then disappear into the larger Moslem 'community', thus increasing Moslem demographics and requiring the foolish civic authorities, to bring in even more Moslems and more Halal food regulations. This is not just another case of Moslems proving unwilling to 'assimilate' or 'integrate', it is part of forcing the host peoples to Islam (to 'submission').