Sunday, 27 December 2015

I've mentioned before that, in countries with a strong trade union tradition, you sometimes find police trade unionists speaking with unusual candour about immvasion-related problems. Here is another example of it from the city of Trieste in Italy.
In recent days, various criminal acts have been disclosed, where in the majority of cases those responsible have been non-resident non-Europeans staying in our country more or less regularly. It now seems clear and incontrovertible that our denunciations were not unjustified, of the attacks in front of the station [tn: this is a reference to stabbing committed on 23 Dec by an Afghan asylum invader; fortunately his victim was another asylum invader] and so many crimes that have afflicted the city in the last few months, added to which is the anxiety of citizens who no longer feel secure in a reality, which a few years ago was an oasis of happiness." Hard words from the provincial general secretary of the UGL State Police [trade union] Alessio Edoardo after incidents that have been reported in recent days in the city." 
"These incidents, more or less clear, should provoke reflection on the positions of some parties and on the topic of legislation," continues Alessio, "this cannot continue, to defend honest citizens it is necessary to have the courage to change the laws, which does not mean discrimination, but establishing justice, both legal and social, so that finally there will be faith in the state and its highest authority, which, in our opinion, has been lacking for some time. We hope that, when the new year arrives, it will be possible to aim for a change without lacking solidarity with people who are in need," concludes the UGL secretary, "but which respects Italian citizens first of all."


  1. No es la primera vez que sindicatos de La Policía, portavoces de los Cuerpos de Seg. expresan su preocupación por motivos relacionados con la inmigración masiva y descontrolada, además de la secta del Islam en Occidente. Lo hemos visto en Alemania, también, y en otras naciones hermanas donde la policía no consigue llegar a cubrir la protección de los ciudadanos, y que se recurre a la seg. privada. Algo verdaderamente alarmante, preocupante y escandaloso.

    No comprendemos como no se prohíbe el Islam en Occidente. Empecemos por ésto, primero.


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