Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Firemen attacked, a prayer room burnt...Has Corsica become a zone where the law of the Republic no longer applies? Valls: No, of course Corsica has not become a zone of non-law! The State is present there, and I offer this undertaking, the State will never retreat. The first arrests have taken place... Luring firemen and those who represent Republican order into an ambush, even putting their life in danger, is an intolerable act. The so-called racist and anti-Muslim reprisals committed by a horde wanting to carry out their own justice are too. These unworthy acts harm the Republic... 
Although he refuses to make a connection between the victory of nationalist MPs in the regional elections and the violence, the Prime Minister does think that "the identitarian groups must be definitively proscribed", considering that they may have been at the origin of the racist demonstrations expressed, in particular, through the ransacking of a Muslim prayer room. "The State will assume all of its responsibilities in fighting all the calls for hatred and violence," he said in this respect.


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