Monday, 28 December 2015

They stopped a Senegalese man in Via Pre’ to notify him of an administrative order for use of drugs, but as soon as the foreigner saw the two carabinieri he reacted by attacking the soldiers with kicks and punches. It happened this afternoon. 
The brawl, which started in the street and finished in an ethnic business, and the shouts of the Senegalese attracted about forty of his co-nationals to the scene who crowded in front of the business. Many of them recorded the intervention of the carabinieri on the cameras of their mobile phones. 
There were several minutes of great tension in Via Pre’ which only ended with the arrival on the scene of other carabinieri patrols and police vehicles. The Senegalese was arrested for resistance and injury to public officials. The two carabinieri received emergency treatment. This is the second attack on the forces of order within a few days.
To avoid confiscation of counterfeit merchandise, 40 non-European citizens surrounded and struck the Financial Guards [tn: this is an Italian military agency responsible for tackling various kinds of crime including tax crimes, drug-related crimes and smuggling]. Eight Financial Guards were injured, two with a broken nose. Two street traders were arrested.

There were other attacks too. These kinds of incidents also occur regularly in Spain. Unlicensed African street traders start selling counterfeit goods then attack police as a mob when they try and enforce the law.


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