Thursday, 17 December 2015

The video below shows similar scenes with a beautiful moment around 1.17. We see the politicians in session, presumably at a council meeting intended to approve the asylum centre. Suddenly there are loud bangs from outside, probably from anti-riot weapons being fired by the police. A look of fear comes over the politicians as they realise business as usual cannot continue. That's the only thing that gets through to these people: raw physical fear.


Dutch police have fired warning shots in an effort to disperse a crowd, as a protest against plans to house asylum seekers in a small town turned into a riot. 
Police in Geldermalsen, near Utrecht, said via their official Twitter account they had “so far made numerous arrests, it’s is not clear yet how many”. No serious injuries were reported. 
Images and videos of the incident showed dozens of youths tearing down fences, throwing beer bottles and fireworks at police, and chanting slogans against the proposed centre for asylum-seekers. 
According to national broadcaster NOS, around 2,000 people joined the protest in a town of 27,000. 
A meeting of the town’s council to decide on whether to build the centre to house 1,500 asylum seekers had to be halted. 
A regional broadcaster showed footage of the meeting being evacuated by shouting policemen as rioters sought to force their way into the building.


  1. All this means is that the council members will likely decide 'in camera' (in secret)to approve the proposal. A great deal more concerted effort will have to be made by concerned citizens (and not through the useless, rigged elections via the ballot boxes stuffed with postal ballots from the alien invaders' quarters and supporters)to make it not worth while for elected officials to turn traitor against their own.

  2. ‘Diversity is Strength’ doesn’t seem to fool the masses as much as it did; Europe’s quisling classes will have to come up with a new Big Lie if the Great Replacement is to stay on course. It’s good to see the quislings of Geldermalsen experiencing a Ceaușescu moment. Here’s to many more such moments throughout Europe, with many more quislings having to send out for clean underwear.

  3. Los políticos se burlan de los ciudadanos occidentales.

    Y, el pueblo, habla.

    Ésto es solo el principio de la defensa de Occidente, naturalmente la Izquierda en Europa ( principalmente ) aprovechará éstos sucesos para manipular la situación.

    Pero, cuando se obliga a los ciudadanos a ser escudos humanos frente a gente con una cultura criminal y anti-democrática ( el Islam ) aparece el instinto de superviviencia.

    Me ha hecho gracia como en la reunión ( en el vídeo ) se miraban todos allí presentes ; y la prepotencia y el despotismo huía de la sala por el propio pánico que ellos mismos habían provocado ( las políticas insensatas y anti-democráticas en Occidente : políticos ¨ progres ¨ ).

    De todas formas, no estoy algo de acuerdo con algún usuario que ha comentado algo referido a la Diversidad. Pues, precisamente tenemos que proteger la diversidad ; ésto es : que debemos proteger lo que es diverso, como por ejemplo las costumbres, la cultura, la raza, etc.

    Y, casi nunca me equivoco, pero nos han provocado guerras civiles en Occidente, posiblemente por no saber de Historia de Occidente, el Cristianismo, y Europa, aunque en realidad los tres factores son lo mismo.

    Éste sitio es muy bueno. )

    Saludos cordiales.