Sunday, 27 December 2015

This year the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Word made flesh, coincides with that of the Prophet Mohammed. The Mawlid will take place on 24 December for the entire Arab world and 25 December for the rest of the planet. This festival will allow Muslims to express their recognition of the Prophet, to recall his virtues, to pray and to experience a happy time with their families. 
Christian and Muslim communities will thus be in festive spirits. They will give thanks to God, each in their traditions, for the good news of the birth of Jesus or Mohammed, births which are going to be the source of encounters between faithful men and women, and He who is the Source of life, source of the Life. 
In this extremely rare coincidence of dates, many people want to see a sign from God in these difficult times where the peace announced by the angels, Christmas night, is misused by the folly of man.

The author is Father Vincent Feroldi, director of the National Service for Relations with Muslims. This article was published on the official website maintained by Catholic bishops in France.



    Es evidente que después del Concilio Vaticano II, Roma ( La Iglesia Católica Apostólica y Romana ) sucumbió al atractivo poder de La Masonería ( o Sión ).

    En realidad, es por eso que las iglesias estén vacías de fieles cristianos y al mismo tiempo sus corazones llenos de esperanza en Dios. Y como dijo el maestro, posiblemente.. :

    ¨ No se puede servir a dos señores, al mismo tiempo ¨.