Sunday, 27 December 2015

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Jan Cemper, from the Czech Facebook group named "Against Displays of Hatred," has told CTK that he will file a lawsuit against President Milos Zeman over his comments on a recent pro-migrant demonstration in his Christmas message today.

According to Cemper, Zeman defamed the organisers of the demonstration that took place in Prague on the November 17 national holiday. Cemper said he will demand an apology from Zeman.

In his message, broadcast by media, Zeman said the demonstrators planned to carry a banner reading "This country is not ours - Refugees welcome," but finally they changed the slogan to read "This country belongs to all - Refugees welcome."

"From the very beginning, we neither planned having such slogans on our banners, nor did we have them at the demonstration," the group´s spokesman Jakub Hein said.

He said the banners the demonstrators carried only read "Refugees welcome," "If you want white Bohemia, wait for a snowfall," "Who is to blame for your fu*ked-up lives today?" and "We, too, fled" [our homeland in the past].

The Facebook Event that invited people to the demonstration was named "This country belongs to all," Cemper said.

"After a discussion, we changed the word "country" to "Country" with the capital C. The name never contained anything like "this country does not belong to us," Cemper said.

In his Christmas Message, Zeman said he received the information about the banner from one of the Czech intelligence services. Citing a lawyer, Cemper said the president enjoys immunity in the category of penal and administrative laws, but it does not apply to civil law affairs.

Cemper said he was the convoker of the November 17 demonstration, which is why he wants to defend himself now. He said he is going to sue Zeman for harming his personal rights.

"We will demand [Zeman´s] public apology made in the same way he pronounced the untrue information, i.e. within a special address broadcast by public Czech Television," Cemper said.

If the court granted a financial compensation to him, he would completely give it in aid of refugees and other people in need, he said.

The November 17 pro-migrant demonstration started in Prague´s Peace Square and ended at the nearby Wenceslas Square. The speakers included literary historian Professor Martin C.Putna, a well known critic of Zeman.


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