Thursday, 19 November 2015

The newspaper “Die Welt” has severed its connection to its well-known author Matthias Matussek. The background is a dispute between him and the editor-in-chief Jan-Eric Peters and his deputy Ulf Poschardt. 
After the Paris attacks, Matussek had written via Facebook that he "thought the Paris terror will also give a whole new impetus to our debates about open borders and a quarter million unregistered young Islamic men in the country." 
For this statement, originally accompanied with a smiley, Matussek was sharply criticised by his colleagues – including Peters. According to the industry portal “Meedia”, the dispute escalated on Tuesday during an editorial conference. After Matussek described his editor-in-chief and his deputy as "crazy assholes" or simply as "assholes", he was expelled from the conference. Shortly afterwards he was sacked.

His original comment was mild to the point of being banal. But, in multicult Europe, even that's enough to get you ejected from corridors of power.


  1. This is frightening because it is coming our way.