Thursday, 19 November 2015

There was a curious phrase in the speech French president Hollande gave to the French parliament on Monday. It was at the very end, as he was building to what was clearly intended to be a rousing conclusion.
Nous éradiquerons le terrorisme parce que les Français veulent continuer à vivre ensemble sans rien craindre de leurs semblables. Nous éradiquerons le terrorisme parce que nous sommes attachés à la liberté et au rayonnement dela Francedans le monde. Nous éradiquerons le terrorisme pour que la circulation des personnes, le brassage des cultures demeurent possibles et que la civilisation humaine s’en trouve enrichie. Nous éradiquerons le terrorisme pour quela Francecontinue à montrer le chemin. Le terrorisme ne détruira pasla République car c’est la République qui le détruira.
We will eradicate terrorism because the French want to continue to live together without fearing anything from those who are like them. We will eradicate terrorism because we are attached to freedom and to raising France’s profile around the world. We will eradicate terrorism so that the movement of people and the mixing of cultures can continue and so that human civilisation is enriched by it. We will eradicate terrorism so that France can continue to lead the way. Terrorism will not destroy the Republic, because the Republic will destroy it.
Source [French embassy translation which I changed in a couple of places because I thought it was slightly inaccurate.]

It's good illustration of the pro-immigration mania that grips our ruling class. Immigration is the supreme good. Everything else is subordinate to it. I pointed out before that it was the votes of immigrants that determined the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum in favour preserving the United Kingdom. Yet the SNP, the party that exists notionally to campaign for independence, has remained resolutely silent about this. Because immigration matters more even than the reason for the party's existence! Similarly, the pro-immigration Socialists in France now want to eradicate terrorism, not to preserve the lives of French people, but so they can continue to subject them to slow-motion genocide by repopulating their country with hostile aliens.


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