Monday, 2 November 2015

According to the demonstrators — originally from Sudan, Libya, Erythrea, Afghanistan, Morocco and Tunisia and who were living on the site of the Jean-Quarré school in the 19th arrondissement in Paris — the conditions of welcome on the Champcueil site are not "correct". "We are sick because of the water," declares Chérif in perfect French. "Several of us are sick and we haven't seen any doctor, we are cold, we don't have enough food, there is asbestos. Some people have left." 
The Red Cross, which is responsible for the reception centre, "takes into consideration the fears, anguish and difficulties of the persons who have lived in places where there has been violence and who are impatient." Françoise Bousquet, a local manager, all the same makes it clear: "Even though the water is drinkable (note: the prefecture also confirms this, pointing out that the same network supplies the Georges-Clémenceau hospital), this Monday we delivered bottled water to reassure some migrants."

The invaders also presented a list of demands scrawled on a bit of paper:
"good housing for everyone, start the procedures for access to a doctor, set up French courses, transport tickets, improve the quality of the food, have access to drinking, good-quality water, the staff should show respect to refugees."


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