Sunday, 22 November 2015

The indignant reactions of the members of our ruling class to the Paris attacks demonstrate their absolute incapacity to escape the restrictions of their ideology. Andrew Neil is being celebrated as some daring truth teller for his speech denouncing Islamic State.
In a thousand year’s time, Paris, that glorious city of lights, will still be shining bright as will every other city like it. And you will be as dust, along with the ragbag of fascist Nazis and Stalinists that previously dared to challenge democracy and failed.
But this is an insane delusion. The barbarity of Islam has been around for more than a thousand years and might well be around for another thousand. Paris is a small island of Europeanness in the city centre surrounded by vast sea of disaffected, mostly Islamic, brown hordes. Something like two-thirds of all births in the Greater Paris region are now to Africans or Asians. And this is only a few decades after the colonisation process began. What will it be like after another 100 years? 200 years? 500 years? It is supreme folly to think that Paris or French culture will exist in anything like a recognisable state 1000 years from now, if present trends continue. 

And only a month or two ago, this same Andrew Neil was waxing equally indignant about the poor "migrants" who had died in the Mediterranean while attempting to invade Europe. Perhaps one day he'll mature enough intellectually and morally to make a connection between one emotional outburst and the other. But Paris will probably be part of the Caliphate before that happens. 

The next "Establishment Rage" contribution comes from Enoch Powell biographer Simon Heffer. It starts promisingly enough with the statement that "Enoch was right". Cameron, he says, is:
the latest prime minister to have paid lip-service to the warped ideal of multiculturalism, and all that entails. In case one is unsure what it does entail, let us run through the card. It is an idea that the cultures and values of new, minority communities are the equivalent of the majority ones. It means the majority culture may not expect those from minority cultures to abide by majority ways. It carries with it an expectation to tolerate attitudes that the majority reject, such as towards women and those professing other faiths. And it abjures interference in those minority cultures, for fears of accusations of racism. That last fetish has paralysed sensible response to multiculturalism for decades, and continues to stop any senior politician giving the right lead today.

So what is Heffer's prescription to solve the problem?
That means presenting a common culture through our education system, our employment regulations, our welfare state and through the enforcement of our laws. This is not to punish people from minorities: it is to ensure they can participate completely in our society, are equal under the law and are, above all, completely integrated into our way of life.
The answer, then, is more citizenship courses, the same answer Hollande proposed after Muslim pupils mocked the minute of silence in French schools after the Charlie Hebdo attacks; the same answer Gordon Brown offered after the Glasgow Airport attacks in 2007, etc. This is the core conceit of our rulers: that the essence of a European people can be distilled down to a few abstract values and these values can be imparted through the schooling system.

As if culture was something like a hat that anyone can just pick up and put on. It's OK to repopulate Europe with Africans and Asians, they say, as long as make the Africans and Asians don the bowler hat of Britishness or the beret of Frenchness (and make them wear stripey jumpers and ride around on bicycles with onions slung over their backs).

But neither Britishness, nor Frenchness, nor any other form of peoplehood, is so shallow a thing. This values-based definition of who we are, while purporting to be morally uplifting, is in fact a form of genocide: an intellectual genocide that denies the very existence of a people as a unique ancestral community with an identity and character of its own.

What our rulers dismiss as "values" are actually genetically coded behavioural patterns.Our culture rests upon a genetic substrate. The beret of Frenchness does not fit the North African skull shape. The bowler hat of Britishness sits ill upon the head of a sub-Saharan. And no amount of citizenship courses or values-based indoctrination is going to change that harsh reality.


  1. Europe has salted its own earth and poisoned its own wells with a massive influx of people who share none of its values and seek only to exploit its charity to expand their own agenda. This is the third attempt of Europe to destroy itself in barely over a century, and this time it has succeeded.

  2. Perhaps Andrew Neil believes the Muslim population of Europe will, in the coming decades, be drastically reduced. He observes Europe embracing nationalism and expects that the ‘extreme Right’ will do the necessary to preserve the white homeland. His statement makes sense if viewed from that angle, but only from that angle.