Wednesday, 25 November 2015

This is so over-the-top that, at first, I thought it might be a parody of the multicult. But no. It looks like this guy is for real. This is what it says on his website (here).
In March 2015, I became campaign director for Gnangbo Kacou, a member of parliament for Adiaké, Assinie and Etuéboué, a candidate in the presidential elections in Côte d’Ivoire. After having spent several weeks alongside the candidate, promoted, in many meetings, the idea of a union between Europe and Africa and recorded my first single: Eurafrique FEAT. MOMO LE KING, on my return to France (November 2015) I founded Eurafrique and campaign for Europe and Africa to unite.

There's a Eurafrique website here.

I still can't completely rule out the possibility that this might be satire. But if so, it's an extremely elaborate one.


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