Friday, 13 November 2015

In an open letter, employees of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees have levelled serious charges against the procedures in their agency. The main points of their criticism: dispensing with an identity check for many refugees is incompatible with the principles of a state of law and opens the door to terrorists. In addition, training of new decision makers is too fast - after only a few days trainees are deciding on human destinies. 
The accelerated written asylum procedures for Syrians, Eritreans, many Iraqis and applicants from the Balkans exhibit "systematic failings". The identity of many refugees is no longer really being checked. Anyone is being accepted as a Syrian, and therefore in need of protection, who presents themselves as such as is not challenged by an interpreter. But these interpreters in general "are neither sworn nor from Syria", it says in the letter, which was published by "". 
The abbreviated written procedures currently being put into practice without any in-depth checking of applicants are liable to fraud and "incompatible with the requirements of a state of law", it continues. In the experience of case workers, it can be assumed that a "high proportion of asylum seekers give a false identity in order to receive greater prospects of remaining with the possibility of family reunification, etc." 
"Dispensing with the identity check also simplifies the infiltration of fighters from the Islamic State terror militia into central Europe," they write.


  1. Terror attack in France, Telegraph reckons 26 dead (so far) and 60 hostages. Hopefully, given it took place in North Paris, most of the dead were non-whites.