Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Many of the volunteer helpers are young women. They are exposed to constant sexual harassment. Often things happen that no one should experience. "we know of at least one concrete case where a Red Cross helper was raped by an asylum seeker. Although the perpetrator was arrested, he was arrested a short time later. The police said they couldn't determine his identity and he also had a train ticket to Germany. The next day he was out of the country," says Erika F. 
The crime was committed in the so-called Pavillion 10 in the Wienerwald geriatric centre (Lainz district, 13th Vienna municipality Hietzing). But the worst thing for the victim and those who knew about it is: "Not a single word was to be said to anyone outside, not by the police or the Red Cross. The victim was only offered psychiatric support."


  1. It's time, Europe.

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