Thursday, 29 October 2015

While winnowing my email collection, I discovered a comment posted on the Archbishop Cranmer blog in 2011. That day’s blog was about Baroness Warsi, the Pakistani Muslim who, having failed to enter the British Parliament by popular vote, was elevated to the peerage on the recommendation of David Cameron, took her seat in the House of Lords and entered the British Parliament by cronyism. It is she to whom the anonymous commenter refers as ‘Warthog’.

‘Baroness’ my backside.

I voted Tory for over thirty-five years but stopped when Cameron was elected leader. It was obvious that the Conservative Party had ceased to exist in all but name. We really don’t have a democracy. What we have is fascism dressed up in a way that gives the illusion of democracy.

Lib/Lab/Con [Liberal Democrat/Labour/Conservative] policies are identical on membership of the EU, engaging in illegal wars and using mass immigration to disenfranchise and overrun the native British population. Sucking up to the likes of Warthog and the ‘religion of peace’ tells us all we need to know about the traitors that rule over us and their plans for our destiny. Recent statistics point to the undeniable fact—and it is fact—that well before the end of this century our fate will be the same as the North America Indians. We will have been reduced to a tiny minority on our own ancestral islands.

We have betrayed the blood, sweat and tears shed by countless generations to safeguard our culture and our Christian values, heritage and history. We should be utterly, utterly ashamed that we have not even the backbone to stand up and say enough is enough. Instead we continue to vote for our own national suicide by voting for the same Lib/Lab/Con party at each election.


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