Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tommy Robinson speaking at the Pegida 1-year anniversary event yesterday 

 Here is a news report from a French newspaper about an attack on a Pegida demonstrator.
The confrontation has left one person seriously injured. Several tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of the German anti-refugee movement Pegida faced off against one another during gatherings in Dresden, on the margins on which one person was "seriously injured" according to the police. 
The injured person, a sympathiser of "Patriotic Europeans against the islamisation of the West" (PEGIDA in German) was beaten up "by one or more unknown persons" while travelling to the demonstration marking the first anniversary of the creation of this populist and islamophobic movement on 20 October 2014, specified the police on its Twitter account.

I've scanned the German press for any mention of this and failed to find it. They've been milking the "Neo-Nazi" attack on the politician at the weekend for all it's been worth. They failed to even mention two separate fatal stabbing incidents (see here) among "asylum seekers" at refugee centres on Saturday night, however, and now fail to mention a serious attack on a "Patriotic European".

The level of bias against Pegida in the German media is quite extraordinary. I watched the ARD news programs last night and they were full of anti-Pegida coverage. They even brought on some professor who, without irony, called for Pegida supporters to targeted for legal persecution because they were "authoritarian". There is a term in German that Pegida supports like to use - Lügenpresse "Lying Press" - to describe the German media's systematic deceit on anything related to immigration, Islam or multiculturalism. The name is well earned.

(See here for a story about an ARD news editor admitting his channel prefers to show images of refugee families and children to the reality of young men.)

I'm actually wondering whether I should go to Dresden now instead of Italy.


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