Wednesday, 14 October 2015

One in three Germans (33 per cent) thinks Angela Merkel should resign as Federal Chancellor due to her current refugee policy. This is the result of an exclusive poll done by the Insa polling institute for FOCUS Online. The resignation demand was rejected by one in two Germans (52 per cent), 15 per cent offered no opinion. 
An above-average number of voters of the AfD [German UKIP] (86 per cent), the FDP [small business-oriented party] (39 per cent) and the Left [rebadged Communists] (38 per cent) expressed support for Merkel's resignation due to her handling of the refugee crisis. The resignation demand to the Federal Chancellor found the least support among voters of the Union [Merkel's party] (14 per cent), the Greens (20 per cent) and the SPD [Socialists] (30 per cent).


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