Saturday, 31 October 2015

Just when you think the derangement of our ruling class has reached its maximum limit, they go a bit further. I could not believe what I was seeking yesterday as Guantanamo detainee Shaker Aamer flew back to Britain. News channels offered live coverage as the plane the British government had sent (at a cost of £70,000) to collect him arrived in the country. The newsreaders had big smiles on their faces as if this was some joyous national moment. Politicians issued statements welcoming the development. The news reports routinely described Shaker Aamer, without further qualification, as "British", only occasionally describing him as a "British resident". 

But the truth is Shaker Aamer is not British at all. He is a Saudi. He was born in Medina in Saudi Arabia, the first Islamic State. He ended up in Britain some time in the mid-1990s, married Zinnira, the daughter of a Muslim he met at a mosque and had children with her. This woman had UK citizenship. Following their marriage, Shaker was granted "indefinite leave to remain" in Britain and applied for, but did not receive, UK citizenship. In 2001 the entire family moved to Afghanistan because they wanted to live in a pure Islamic State.
‘Shaker, like several of his friends, began to think about moving to Afghanistan, to be part of building a pure Islamic state, leaving Britain and western culture behind for ever,’ she wrote. ‘They saw Afghanistan as a chance to make Islamic dreams come true.’

It is claimed that he did unspecified "charity work" there. When fighting broke out after the Sept. 11 attacks, Aamer sent his family into Pakistan. He himself remained in Afghanistan, doing "charity work" no doubt till he was captured by the pro-West Northern Alliance, handed over to the Americans and taken to Guantanamo Bay. So, at an absolute minimum, Shaker Aamer is a Muslim fundamentalist who resided in Britain for only a few years, finding it so uncongenial that he promptly left it so he could live under Sharia.

Beyond that, there must be reasonable suspicion that his "charity work" may not have been quite so charitable. There are absolutely no grounds whatsoever for celebrating the "return" of Shaker Aamer as if it was a royal wedding or national celebration. Indeed, doing so is madness. This Muslim fundamentalist is now in line for an epic payout from the British taxpayer, which our rulers will no doubt also regard as a moment of patriotic triumph.


  1. "Charity work"

    Like the kind Omar Khadr's father Ahmed was doing