Monday, 19 October 2015

Tensions this morning in Cremona, in front of the Caritas asylum reception centre, where a refugee protest broke out. Around forty refugees started a sit-in that continued outside of the Caritas complex. Motive? Delays in issuing documents. The demonstration then led to a sort of procession with placards and protest slogans which created maor disruptions to traffic in Trento and Trieste and Porta Venezia with consequences on all the surrounding roads. On the scene the police monitored the situation.
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The placard the negro is holding up in the bottommost picture says:
"We don't want pasta and rice We want documents Too much shit Caritas"
Caritas is a do-gooder, pro-immigration Catholic charity.


  1. With regards to the article in the IOstream about the military imam:

    They say "Sijamhodzic [the imam] came to Austria in 2004 as a teenager, fleeing the war in Bosnia with his family." Yet they list his age as 37. If he is 37 in 2015 then in 2004 he would have been 26. Did this shyster lie about his age to increase his chances of becoming a successful applicant?