Saturday, 17 October 2015

A mayoral candidate for the western German city of Cologne suffered serious stab wounds on Saturday during campaigning for Sunday's poll, police said. 
Henriette Reker, a independent close to the ruling Christian Democrats (CDU) of Chancellor Angela Merkel, was attacked by a 44-year-old man police said, indicating her assailant had been arrested. 
The motive for the attack was not immediately clear. However, "Focus" magazine reported that the man's act was meant at protesting the CDU's policies on refugees, according to Germany's KNA news agency. 
Four other people were hurt in the same incident but their condition was not known. 
CDU regional chairman Bernd Petelkau told local media she had been stabbed in the stomach, while other reports said she had been injured in the neck. 
Justice Minister Heiko Maas dubbed the attack "an unimaginable and abominable act" while regional president Annelore Kraft saw it as an "assault on democracy." 
Reker is seen as standing a good chance of securing the mayorship Sunday in Cologne, Germany's fourth-largest city with 980,000 inhabitants. 
The attack came as Germany struggles to cope with a huge influx of asylum seekers, whose numbers are expected to reach between 800,000 and a million by the year's end. Merkel's open-door policy has provoked a backlash among her conservative allies and sparked protests among the far-right.
While still in the police car, the 44-year-old babbled: "I did it for you all." S. said his motive was that he did not agree with Reker's asylum policy. As head of the department responsible for social affairs, the mayoral candidate managed the allocation of housing to refugees in the city.

Cologne is one of the most islamised parts of western Germany. And the real "assault on democracy" is repopulating a country with hostile aliens against the wishes of its ancestral inhabitants.

Spiegel has more quotes of what the perpetrator allegedly said as he carried out the attack:

"I am doing it for your children" 

"I am rescuing the Messiah. What is going on here is all wrong. I am freeing you from people like this."
After his arrest, he made other remarks.

"Foreigners are taking our jobs," he is alleged to have said. Shortly after his arrest S. apparently revealed his fear to the police that Sharia law would soon apply in Germany.

Spiegel also says that about 20 years ago he was a member of a German far-right patriot group called the Freiheitlichen Deutschen Arbeiterpartei (FAP) [Free German Worker's Party] and that this group was later banned by the German government. One of the points I've repeatedly made is that if European governments do not allow peaceful dissent to their policy of repopulating the continent with Africans and Asians, they should expect the dissent to be expressed violently instead. We saw it with Breivik. We're seeing it again now.


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