Monday, 5 October 2015

The European Union and Turkey have agreed in principle to a plan of action to help ease the flow of migrants into the bloc, a German newspaper reported on Sunday. 
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said the European Commission and Turkish government representatives struck the accord last week and that it would be approved during talks Monday in Brussels between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and EU leaders. 
Under the plan, Turkey would agree to stepped-up efforts to secure its frontier with the EU by taking part in joint patrols with the Greek coastguard in the eastern Aegean coordinated by EU border protection agency Frontex, the report said. 
Any migrants picked up would be taken back to Turkey, where six new camps for up to two million people would be built, co-financed by the EU. EU states meanwhile would agree to take in up to 500,000 people to ensure their safe passage across the sea without the involvement of people smugglers.

So the EU will hand over a few more billion to Muslims in Turkey and fly another half million Muslims straight into Europe. You need to go to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung to find the small print. In return for doing us this great favour, Turkey's 80-million primitive Muslims get visa-free travel into Europe.
The action plan should give life to an agreement that Brussels and Ankara made two years ago. At that time the EU offered a gradual easing of visa restrictions in return for better protecting its external borders. Migrants who cross Turkish soil to come to Europe should be taken back into Turkey, according to an agreement. The implementation of the action plan would "accelerate" the easing of visa restrictions, it says in the preamble. Johannes Hahn, the EU Commissioner for neighbourhood policy, recently held out the prospect of lifting visa restrictions by 2017.

The Turks using immigration as an extortion tool against Europe for years. They have created visa-free travel arrangements with virtually every Islamic country in the Middle East and North Africa, setting up Turkey as a staging ground for the invasion of Europe. They have watched happily as a multi-billion euro people smuggling industry developed to funnel those Muslims into Europe. Turkish authorities have even directly participated in it, as the French consul in Turkey (who was suspended after selling boats to invaders) admitted.

'If we stop selling [the rafts], then the store next door will, the one behind will. It won't change anything,' she said, adding that local authorities and the port captain were aiding human trafficking by letting it happen. 

Of course the fact that this would inevitably destabilise Greece and facilitate the islamisation of Europe cannot have been displeasing to them. At the same time, they used this immigration issue to pressure Europe diplomatically, demanding visa-free travel in return for an offer to crack down on it. Rather than treat this attempt at blackmail with the contempt it deserved and terminating Turkey's EU accession talks, spineless EU leaders have utterly caved into their demands.

And in case you need to be reminded of the qualities of the Turks, here are two incidents from today alone that illustrate them in full. The video at the top shows Turkish police triumphantly dragging the corpse of a Kurdish militant through the streets. This is the same kind of barbarism displayed by Islamic State. (Full story here).

In a separate incident, Turkish police held a gun to the head of a journalist who was filming them. (Full story here).


  1. Actually, they (the EU) didn't cave in to the demands of Turkey; they are merely facilitating what they agreed with Turkey back in April 2012 re visas. I kept posting about this visa agreement all through 2012 on English newspapers but it seems no one took a blind bit of notice: it was all there in black and white and now they're all here.