Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Federal Prosecutor's Office is currently overwhelmed with charges of high treason being filed. These accuse Angela Merkel of damaging the patrimony of Germany and altering the constitutional order through her refugee policy. Every day dozes of new charges are filed, now amounting to almost 400. 
The complaints will probably fail at the preliminary checking stage as the law says that "High treason" only applies when the perpetrator uses or threatens the use of violence. Although many of those filing the charges characterise the "flow of refugees" as a form of violence, legally this is obviously mistaken. Most likely the Federal Prosecutor's Office will not initiate formal investigation proceedings.
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  1. Well I am pleased that at least some people in Germany understand what is happening even if they fail to pass legal muster with their filings. If something doesn't happen, and soon, it may be too late to prevent serious violence on the order of an insurrection. If these were migrants willing to assimilate into society the matter would be simple but not when it takes but months and they go from beggars to conquerors demanding their prerogatives. The Muzz must go or become Germans. Period.