Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Almost two years ago, I posted about a German policewoman of Greek extraction, Tania Kambouri, who wrote an article in a police magazine about how Muslim youths treated the police generally, and female police especially, with contempt. She has now published a book on the same topic and has been invited to lots of interviews in recent weeks because of the "migrant crisis". I may post more about her book later. For now, though, an interesting factoid emerged on a television show where she was debating the ridiculous Green politician Renate Künast. Künast told Kambouri that instead of expecting respect from Muslims, she should show it to them, by taking her shoes off when she went to their houses.
"When the deployment is such that you have time to take off your shoes, I would always expect that this step be taken due to religious freedom," said Künast. The background for this statement is an anti-terror police deployment to a Berlin mosque in September [See news report about this here]. The SEK [Special Commando Unit, basically like a SWAT team] was marched out there in their socks, out of consideration for the rites of Islam.
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