Friday, 30 October 2015

The Graz mayor Nagl speaks for the deep feelings of untold thousands of Graz and Styria inhabitants when he demands: "We must seal the borders with Slovenia as well as possible. Borders can be made completely impermeable." 
Nagl considers it beyond doubt that Germany will seal its borders: "It's a matter of weeks! We need a Plan B." And that is to seal Austria's border with Slovenia. 
But Nagl will extend a hand to families, women, children and youths travelling alone: "We must have a place here for these people and help them. However, we must make it clear to the men who want to come to us that there is no place for them here." And this should be done as soon as possible, he says, before they make the journey. 
Legally this demand is on shakier foundations. How can you accept one person as a refugee but reject others? It doesn't trouble Nagl: "On a ship that is in difficulty on the seas, the women and children are rescued first, not the men."

Siegfried Nagl is a member of the Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP), [Austrian People's Party], the traditional mainstream conservative party in Austria.


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