Wednesday, 20 May 2015

MRAP, a French NGO founded mostly by Jews like the painter Marc Chagall, has filed a legal complaint against the anti-Islam site Riposte Laïque.

The article they have filed a complaint about, written by Salem Benammar, is titled "It's fanatic Muslims who need to be interned for Islam problems". It argues that it is Muslims themselves who feel Islamophobia, that the fear instilled into all Muslims from their earliest years warps their thought processes and makes it impossible for them to be rational about their belief system.
It is not Islamophobia to desacralise the barbaric tendencies of Islam, to denounce its extreme harmfulness; what is Islamophobia is their sacralisation by Muslims and their obsessive refusal to correlate them to the object of their worship for which they would kill father and mother. 
Indeed, the fanatic Muslims raised in the culture of denial, of unresponsibility,of fatalism, predeterminism, and the perversion of reality, what is ugly is beautiful, what is beautiful is ugly, have a phobic fear of lifting the veil on the true hideous and abominable nature of what they believe to be a religion which carries within itself deathly poison for the world of the living. 
To deny the crimes of Islam is symptomatic of the condition of psychological dysfunction of Muslims who live in fear and under the threat of their tyrannical torturer for whose sole persuasive argument is intimidation.

The "intern" in the title to me suggests internment for psychological dysfunction, in the way that a mad person is taken into custodial care, and clearly applies to "fanatic Muslims". The MRAP press release dishonestly claims that he has called for the entire population to be interned, quoting words that don't appear in the article.
MRAP considers that the content of this last opinion piece "the internment of an entire population" is an extremely serious case.


  1. Hardly surprising. It seems that all across Europe now, especially France, a critical discussion of any kind of immigrant non-European races/peoples and their religious beliefs is not just controversial, but CRIMINAL. It's official now, I guess. Well, actually, in France specifically, even the mere curiosity about one's ancestral background was sorta taboo for like 30 years now. It's impossible to find maps of France depicting its regional demography by ancestral origins.
    But then again, not sure maps are that necessary since we know Marseilles(Marselha) is the New Algiers.