Friday, 26 September 2014

I watched the debate in the House of Commons about Britain participating in military action against Islamic State in Iraq. The most shocking thing to me was that almost everyone who spoke insisted that Islamic State had nothing to with Islam. It was repeated like the mantra of some cult. Which, I supposed it was: the Cult of Equality. (I might do a video of this later if I have time.) Also bizarre, and somewhat disturbing, was their constant harping on the theme that Islamic State was killing, or threatening, Muslims, as if they had silently accepted the Islamic worldview which holds that Muslim lives matter more than non-Muslim lives.

Of course many of these people are being subject to pressures from Muslim colonist constituents, providing yet a further illustration that diversity and liberty (of speech in this case) are incompatible. On the whole it was a disturbing illustration of just how far gone Britain is. I saw no real challenge to the claim that it was nothing to do with Islam although perhaps two or three MPs gave the impression that they knew better, whatever they actually said.

Again it prompted me to reflect on what is surely one of the most bizarre phenomena of our age, if not of all time, namely people who have little to no substantive knowledge of a religion lecturing others who have practised it throughout their lives and whose families may have practised it for centuries on what the true nature of that religion is. If someone said to me, do you accept that Buddhism allows the slaughter of animals or crippled children or the like, my response would be: sorry, I don't have a clue because I know next to nothing about Buddhism. Yet I am sure I know more about Buddhism than most of these MPs do about Islam. From where, then, comes the curious conviction with which they insist that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam? They have made no special study of Islam's doctrine or history yet they all apparently believe themselves to be experts in Islamic theology.

But if it has nothing to do with Islam, then it must be a random evil. If it is random, why do we not see disaffected Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs being tempted abroad to chop people's heads off? Why do we not see Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh Boko Haram and Islamic State equivalents?


  1. Muslims have fucked up Atheist plans to turn the West into "Utopia"

    We get to witness evil Atheist faggots struggle with cognitive dissonance as they deal with an ideology more evil than Atheism.

    1. I don't completely agree but that gave me a chuckle nonetheless.

    2. Here its the christian organisations and parties shipping them in by the boatloads. They prefer islam over atheism. Cant count the times that i heard a christians defending zionism or comparing Mohammed to Jezus. Atheism is the lesser of those evils..

  2. The political effort to stress that this endless string of violence and cultural conquest does not stem from the Islamic faith only continues to solidify my position that it does indeed stem from Islam. It is like a cheating husband who insults his mistress before his wife, in hopes that she will not discover his treachery.

  3. Hopefully the Islamic State will win.