Monday, 29 September 2014

Jews and Muslims have formed an unlikely alliance to press for Britain to accept hundreds of Syrian refugees fleeing the civil war. 
More than 140,000 Syrians fled to Turkey last week as they faced the triple threat of being targeted by President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces, murdered by ISIS terrorists or being caught in US-led bombing raids against Islamic extremists. 
British-based faith leaders will use next week’s Jewish festival of Sukkot – when temporary shelters are built to remember how Jews fled persecution - to call for the UK to offer shelter to refugees from the war-torn country. 
Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich said: “The main ritual of Sukkot is that we spend time in a temporary dwelling place. It is a tradition to welcome visitors into that temporary dwelling. 
“That has gone on for a couple of thousand years. 
“There are thousands of refugees from Syria living in temporary conditions because they can’t live anywhere else because their homes have been destroyed. 
“Jews are a people who know what it is to be refugees, for all the reasons of our history. In those circumstances, it is appropriate that we should try and get local synagogues, mosques and churches to see if we can do something for Syrian refugees.” 
Syrian Nebal Istanbouly, a Sunni Muslim, echoed the plea to help displaced Syrians, saying: “More refugees should be accepted in this country because Syrian people are suffering. 
“What Britain has done so far is not enough, it isn’t sufficient at all. They can do much more.” 
He welcomed Jewish support for the campaign, saying: “Jewish people have experience of seeking refuge. It is good that they are supporting us.
“We need all those who have experience of such causes to support us. We are grateful to Jews that they are working with us. It shows faiths can come together.”


  1. That Muslims demand more refugees from Syria, is expectable and understandable. More Syrian refugees mean more Islam, more Jihad, more ISIS more terror more mosques etc. A tsunami of Muslim refugees will rush Islamic dreams of a Caliphate on British soul by years. Can you imagine this? Allah on every street corner! But why should Jews demand to flood Britain with meters high waves of Muslim refugees? If they like that much surfing, they better grab their surfboard and fly to the Oahu beaches of Hawaii, or one of the nice surfing spots in Australia; as Lennox Head or Byron Bay coast. The water there is clean and pleasant and you don’t have to be aware of veiled women and baby buggies every turn you take through a pipeline. Even the sharks are more friendly. They keep their jaws shut and are not yelling Allah Akhbar or Takbir at every occasion.

  2. Can you, please, tell the Chief executive Rabbi, Danny Rich, to take a day off in order to pay a visit to a near by psychiatrist? The ritual of Sukkot is very nice for Jews who like to remind themselves how nice it was to spend a time in a temporary dwelling: That, as long they keep the traditions for themselves!. When it comes to thousands or hundred thousands of Muslim refugees from Syria, Shut the door off. Muslims can better find a new suitable home in an Islamic country among their own “paisanos” of “Dar el Salam” and keep away from ‘Dhimmies’ in the West. Jews know what it mean to be refugees, but Jews know also that keeping a cobra of a viper in the house, is a hazardous business. Even if the Cobra or viper are homeless. How much efforts you will spend on them, it would not help a bit. The more understanding, love and dedications the more dangerous they will be in due course. They should not diverse in nothing from the Sharia boys in the existing Muslims enclaves.

    This is what Archie Bunker (All in The Family) had once said: “You take a gorilla, a baby gorilla, you give him the best upbringing, send him to the best schools ..and when he grows up …He still will be a gorilla!!,

  3. isreal is a lot closer to these peoples homes than ENGLAND,after all there is a Kurdish homeland in turkey,we do not need any more ragged arsed wogs,we are up to our necks in them ,and WE are sick of them.

    1. @Englishman I don't think Israel is a good idea for harbouring a tsunami of Muslim (and African refugees) the country is to small, the people have developed a kind of allergy to everything that smells of Islam and as a matter of fact they have already too many Allah worshippers in the country. The best place for refugees, coming to Europe, can be one of the islands in the Poole circle (north of Spitzbergen). They’ll bother there nobody.

  4. I demand that the Hagia Sophia mosque be returned to its original use as a Greek Orthodox Basilica.

  5. I demand that Jews go the fuck back to Israel and stay there, with their mouths shut about anything to do with any other country. You got your country, by hook or by crook and throwing people into the street out of their own homes, but you got it, and it seems like it's still not enough. What about that Jewish toast "may we meet next year in Israel?" Well roll the carpet out and get a ticket on El Al, it's that simple Jews! Off you go. Imagine the peace & ease the rest of us can finally have? But no, the nature of the beast is not to leave anyone alone and go to live together. Vampires cannot feed on other vampires.

    1. @Gem Junior
      I think you are a person who is not very strong in putting priorities. “I demand that Jews go the fuck back to Israel and stay there”. Most Jews have nothing with the state of Israel. As a matter of fact life there is too though and doesn’t fit people who do not posses a fighting character. More interesting point is: WHEN THE JEWS ARE GONE, WHAT DO YOU DEMAND FROM MUSLIMS and BLACKS IN YOUR COUNTRY? IF YOU ARE CAPABLE TO DEMAND ANYTHING? Are they allowed to stay? What kind of freedom do you expect from living side by side with people who are hunting for your little girls as sex slaves on British soul?
      Islamic baboons who are addicted on using - by force - their filthy brown or black cock on your women, daughters, sisters etc? “Imagine the peace & ease the rest of us can finally have?” Really? What kind of peace are you expecting when whole neighbourhoods as Whitechapel or Tower Hamlet are already occupied territory? not only neighbourhoods, but whole towns in Britain are already occupied by Muslims. You don’t need vampires Amigo! ..Your leaders had turned your country into Jurassic Park or an open zoo. Take good care of your head. One of your ‘Nice Brown Friends’ (an old song) will need a football and will decapitate it as the most cheap alternative. IF YOU WANT FREEDOM, YOU’LL HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT. YOUR LEADERS HAVE THEIR OWN AGENDA.

    2. @Gem Junior
      One sentence in your posting caught my eye: "by hook or by crook and throwing people into the street out of their own homes, but you got it, and it seems like it's still not enough"
      I will be gratefull if you can specify more about "throwing people into the street and out of their homes". Where exactly did it happened?
      My thanks in advance

  6. What do you expect from this liberal jew rabbi? If Brits were smart they would start taking matters into their own hands. But they won't...everything will turn to shit around them and they'll just continue bitching at their computers. I'm beginning to have more and more respect for the Russians. How they handle Mohammedans in their midst who disrespect them should be a template for the rest of Europe.

  7. @Anonymous 18 October 22.28

    This is what 'Tovarisch' Vladimir Poetin says about Minorities

    If minorities prefer Sharia law, then we advise them to go to those places where
    That’s the state’s law, Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia
    And we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit
    their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’

    Vladimir Poetin December 2013