Friday, 5 September 2014

With the honourable exception of The Sun newspaper, the British news media has systematically blanked out the fact that the perpetrator was a Muslim and a negro.
He was named locally as Nicholas Salvadore, a 25-year-old would-be cage fighter who is believed to be a Muslim convert, who had been living a few doors from 82-year-old Palmira Silva. 
...Salvadore, who was known locally as “Fat Nick”, had been a friend of one of Mrs Silva’s neighbours and had been staying with them in recent weeks. 
...Lewis Young, 24, a tattoo artist, said he knew Salvadore at school and said he had been given the name “fat Nick” because of his huge frame. 
He said: “At school he was just a normal bloke. He has seemed pretty cool. It’s just shocking he could have done something like this. It’s so random and strange, I just can’t believe it. 
Locals claimed Salvadore had converted to Islam last year.
Source H/T Maria José

Last night a friend said: ‘Nicholas is an only child and his parents brought him here from Nigeria. But when he was about 13 or 14 he left home.'
Her daughter Celestina told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s just the most horrendous thing to do to another human being. We simply can’t make any sense of it.’ 
Celestina, 49, said: ‘She knew the area was changing but she was determined to stay. It seems such a dreadful, senseless waste.’


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  2. I reckon if Enoch had been heeded all those years ago unemployment would be through the roof right now. Think about all those border agents, immigration officials, police officers, social workers, interpreters, prison guards... The list goes on.

    We'd be more content now, and there'd be less crime, but the behemoth of big government would be out of pocket, along with their corporatist overlords.

  3. Muslims in Scotland fail to take to the strrets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to condemn ISIS murders or ISIS threats to kill its Scottish hostage after imams call from mosque pullpits not to fight in Syria.

    Scottish BNP called for show of support for Scottish hostage from Muslims of the two Scottish cities. Nothing happened. Read

  4. Calais under siege: Migrants march through streets demanding human rights protection amid warnings French port is being overwhelmed

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