Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hell in France

The magazine Valeurs Actuelles has a series of articles this week on the plight of the indigenous French people forced to live in Muslim-colonised areas.
In this context, it is far from astonishing that doctors are now refusing to do home visits, that the Post Office is often refusing to deliver packages to certain tower blocks. Some funeral corteges, according to the criminologist Xavier Raufer, are being forced to avoid high-risk sectors, because the crosses on their hearses offer targets of choice. 
Even pizza delivery workers are sometimes obliged to stop servicing certain districts, Domino's Pizzas in Poissy being one example. The owner of this franchise doesn't want to put the lives of his employees in danger any more, after several of them were attacked on Maréchal-Lyautey Avenue. Locals in the area confirm the danger. A woman admits to us that she no longer wears jewellery for fear of it being stolen. Another person, a resident of the Saint-Exupéry district, confesses that "she can no longer dress as she likes", for fear of being spat on. At 58, she fears one day having to wear "their cloth prisons".
The follows scenes are from Nantes, generally considered one of the safer parts of France. A businesswoman planning to open a beauty shop backed out of the idea because of threats, presumably because Muslims don't approve of women wearing make-up.
Early in the morning, Sylvie, 28, lets us in to her house in the Bellevue district: "It's quiet until noon, the scum are asleep." ...The young businesswoman has abandoned her plan to open a beauty shop: "I talked about it with an Algerian girlfriend. Her brother told me that he would make my life a misery with his gang if I went on with it. His sister is no longer allowed to see me. Here, it's not easy being a woman..."
Roger, 75, no longer recognises his district: "In the 70s, there was a good atmosphere. The immigrants started to arrive en masse in the 80s...Ramadan is the worst, with the party all night, the fear in your belly in case you're caught eating during the day. And their marriages: of so-called unemployed people who drive about in luxury cars, beeping their horns like madmen, provoking traffic jams, waving foreign flags..." 
Pointing at torn-open bin bags underneath the buildings, he bemoans the lack of hygiene: "The city council has paid for 'resident standard-bearers' who go from door to door organising cold buffets to explain that throwing your rubbish out of the window is bad...Add to that the stairwells squatted by drug traffickers and Islamist preachers who threaten you with the flames of hell if you don't convert: that's my daily routine. Here, old people like me are completely lost. I'm waiting to die."

There's more good stuff in this issue. I might translate some more of it later. UPDATE: some more. This is from another area.
The baker (female): "Everything's fine, really. Except last month: it was Ramadan, they were making a barbecue in front of my shop window. When I protested, they threatened to kill me and burn my car. But fine, that's just words..."
A shopkeeper mentions the vulnerability of the elderly: "They have to lower their eyes in front of kids of 12 years old. No one helps them because they are French. They are more and more isolated because there are fewer and fewer shops here, it's too difficult. The mini-supermarket closed a year ago. The manager was being shaken down. Almost every day, he was beaten. He employed a guy from the district who was letting people steal at night."
A local person says: "I can't send my daughter there any more. She was regularly whistled at and insulted. The men of the district ["du quartier", tn: "quartier" really just means district but in modern France it's acquiring a connotation similar to the word ghetto in English] have a particularly archaic vision of women, no doubt for religious or cultural reasons."


  1. Florida, USA - This article should be required reading in every Western nation to show people how they are losing their country to the inbred molech worshiping morons of mohamed. I wonder if it is too late even now in France and the Netherlands to round them all up and put them in railroad boxcars.............oh never mind, Europeans would never do that.

  2. This is very sad. The elderly get stuck in these districts because the demographic shift is so sudden. To hear them say they are miserable and waiting to die. Very sad. And the government covers it up.

    1. As a resident in France I cannot understand why the French Government does not speak out against Muslims and Islam and do something about the problems they cause. Anyone who opens their mouth seems to be taken to court!
      It's like all the European governments are in collusion to hand over Europe to Islam.
      Can someone please explain what on Earth is going on.
      Mystified in France.

    2. Florida, USA - I guess there is no simple answer. This much I do know, the politicians who allowed this to happen were all elected, and re-elected. So in a way the majority of the country is at fault for putting these people in high office. Some of the blame goes to the apathetic who did not vote. Many people don't want to get involved. They just want to be left alone with their TV sports, pension, internet and drink. They whistle past the graveyard hoping the immigration problem won't effect them.

  3. England, UK - I cannot express how deeply it has saddened me to see what your views are on your blog. I must admit that in this area of France Muslim gangs seems to be an issue however extening this to all Muslims and blaming this on Islam itself is extremely irrational and a little ignorant. In Islam they follow the example of prophet Muhammad, he infact wore make-up! (Concealer under the eyes) on a daily basis, in addition to this he was always extremely kind and courteous especially his enemies or people of other religions which where I live in england in practiced by all the Muslims I know. Being judgemental is also extremely disapproved upon in Islam so if these Muslims where truelh following Islam they wouldn't be acting in this way. All the Muslims I know are extremely involved in the local community both in charity and with atheists and people of other religions, infact recently the times did an article in which showed Muslims give the most to charity in the UK than any other religion and atheists outstripping both catagories by a extreamly high percentage. I would love if not your views about Muslims to be changed that you read more into Muslim ideologies and educated yourself in this area ... You might be pleasantly surprised.

  4. If you stick around, I think you'll find that I and those who visit this blog know vastly more about Islamic ideology than the average person, most likely much more than you do and indeed much more than most Muslims do themselves.

    Their "charity" is Zakat. It is an obligation under Islam, one of the five pillars. But their definition of 'charity' is rather peculiar. It goes to other Muslims and it includes support for violent jihad.