Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The word 'Islam' does not appear at all in the report into the Muslim child rape scandal, a report you can download here. The word 'Muslim' appears 5 times. Here are the relevant sections of the text.
The UK Muslim Women's Network produced a report on CSE in September 2013 which drew on 35 case studies of women from across the UK who were victims, the majority of whom were Muslim. It highlighted that Asian girls were being sexually exploited where authorities were failing to identify or support them. They were most vulnerable to men from their own communities who manipulated cultural norms to prevent them from reporting their abuse. It described how this abuse was being carried out. 'Offending behaviour mostly involved men operating in groups . . . The victim was being passed around and prostituted amongst many other men. Our research also showed that complex grooming ‘hierarchies’ were at play. The physical abuse included oral, anal and vaginal rape; role play; insertion of objects into the vagina; severe beatings; burning with cigarettes; tying down; enacting rape that included ripping clothes off and sexual activity over the webcam.' This description mirrors the abuse committed by Pakistani-heritage perpetrators on white girls in Rotherham.
11.16 The Deputy Children's Commissioner’s report reached a similar conclusion to the Muslim Women's Network research, stating 'one of these myths was that only white girls are victims of sexual exploitation by Asian or Muslim males, as if these men only abuse outside of their own community, driven by hatred and contempt for white females. This belief flies in the face of evidence that shows that those who violate children are most likely to target those who are closest to them and most easily accessible.' The Home Affairs Select Committee quoted witnesses saying that cases of Asian men grooming Asian girls did not come to light because victims 'are often alienated and ostracised by their own families and by the whole community, if they go public with allegations of abuse.'
By 2012, it seemed that child sexual exploitation had become a standard feature in the planning of training programmes. A training package in CSE was designed for Muslim community leaders; and the Safeguarding Board provided a training course in the identification of indicators relating to CSE. In March 2013, it was reported that all schools, including faith schools, had signed up for training related to CSE. Members of the Safeguarding Board devoted time to the discussion of the National Working Group Network’s e-learning package on CSE.
You can see, then, that the Islam factor is only ever mentioned in the report in order to downplay its significance.


  1. Multiculturalism is to blame for the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal

    POLITICAL correctness is a vile, perverted ideology which is wrecking our society and ruining the lives of the innocent.

    The key fact about this brutal crime wave was that almost all the predators were men of Pakistani and Kashmiri origin, while the majority of their victims were white. That is precisely why the abuse went on so long and the terrible suffering of the girls was ignored.

    Immersed in this doctrine the social services and police shamefully refused to confront the reality of predatory Muslim gangs attacking white girls.

  2. This stupid word "Asian" ? Has it any historical origins, or is it just a PC invention ? And invented by who ?

  3. I think 'Asian' was the term the police adopted, especially in perp descriptions, and the newspapers then just latched on to it.

  4. In this particular case or in general ? What interests me is who invented this way of disinforming.
    Normally, when you're a cop, you need to be precise. "Asian" is just a humbug.

    The multiculturalists should go further and rebaptize "Europeans" all the Romas/Gypsis/manouches/Tziganes tribes roaming among us.
    "A bunch of Europeans been caught stealing three kilometers of cooper cables."
    "Six European pickpockets arrested near the Eiffel Tour."
    "A camp of Europeans dismantled : 3 million damage, 100 tons of trash, 5000 rats dead of grief."

  5. I don't think it's really fair to blame this issue on multiculturalism or Muslims or Islam in general which is a big generalisation, I personally live in the UK and I have many Muslim friends and I am glad to say that I live in a multicultutal society. The word 'Islam' itself means peace which I know the majority of Muslims strive for, I think it is also unfair to claim that the religious roles of men and women in Islam plays any part in this issue also as most married Muslim women work just like men, attend the local mosque and I think today that with a majority of Muslims these traditional roles have been adapted. Islam heavily condemns racism and even sex before marriage stating that it is a grave sin and out of the people who commit these sexsual crimes it is a tiny majority of Muslims, I think other factors are in play due to the correlation other than religion such as tradition, pressure or social alienation, I also think that its very ignorant to generalise in such a way.

  6. The term 'Asian' in the UK, despite it's real meaning usually refers to people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and places in that reigion in Asia, in America when the say 'Asian' they mean Chinese and Japanese, these are mainly due to migration patterns in these two places