Sunday, 10 August 2014

Recently, there has been a spate of articles decrying the supposed horror of "antisemitism" in Europe. The Jewish Chronicle published an article by Natan Sharansky, who runs the Israeli government agency whose mission is to persuade diaspora Jews to leave the countries they currently reside in, and no doubt profess fulsome loyalty to, to "return" to Israel.
I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of Jewish history in Europe. What makes the situation in Europe unique in history is the fact that Europe has become very intolerant of identities in a multicultural and post-nationalist environment. 
This new antisemitism is very connected to Israel — demonisation, delegitimisation and double-standards — and is now so deep in the core of European political and intellectual leaders that practically every Jew is being asked to choose between being loyal to Israel and loyal to Europe. 
That insecurity is due to Muslim immigration and the rise of the classical right, which sees the Jews as the “other”. The liberal, intellectual Europe where Jews historically felt so comfortable is now asking them to choose between Israel and “us”. 
These three factors are bringing us to the situation where unprecedented numbers of Jews in the free world are moving to Israel. This year, one per cent of the French Jewish community will make aliyah. I see this as a historical moment — as the beginning of the process of distancing Jews from Europe. 
Europe is abandoning its identities, with the multicultural idea that there will be no such things as nation-states or religion. In post-identity Europe, there is less and less space for Jews for whom it is important to have both identity and freedom. In Europe, it is becoming more difficult to have both. 
What is happening in France seems like a local phenomenon but it’s not. In France, the feeling of insecurity because of Muslim immigration, the feeling of insecurity because of the rise of classical right-wing antisemitism, and the feeling of insecurity because intellectuals in France are becoming more anti-Israel — these factors are meeting in the most powerful way. 
Aliyah from France has been rising for a number of years. Two years ago, our annual aliyah fair, which normally attracts around 500 people, was held on election day. People went to vote and then came to the fair — 5,000 attended.
Note here that he at least acknowledges Muslim immigration as an important factor in driving the Jews out. He talks about the growth of the "far-right" as if it was an independent phenomenon rather than what it obviously is, namely a reaction to Muslim immigration. Of course he fails to acknowledge any Jewish responsiblity for having promoted immigrationism, diversity and multiculturalism. Indeed, he does not even seem to acknowledge that these ideas have catastrophically failed, still, at least publicly, claiming to believe in them and blaming "Europe" for failing to uphold them sufficiently.
Europe is abandoning its basic values of respecting identities while at the same time guaranteeing full freedom for its citizens. On the one hand, Europe opens its gates to immigration, to people who are not asked to share its values of freedom and tolerance. And on the other hand Europeans are rushing back towards the right-wing parties who are hostile to “the other”. 
Maybe they feel they can have more Europe in Israel, because it is Israel which is fighting to be both Jewish and democratic. Israel is the place that is fighting for European values. Europe will die here and survive in Israel.
The hypocrisy of this Jew beggars belief. On the one hand he blames us for permitting the immigration of people who don't support the values of freedom and tolerance; on the other he blames us for trying to stop that very same immigration! And he does this in consecutive sentences! Mind-boggling! Normally an author would need a whole book to develop an argument with such contorted logic.

And to say that multiculturalism will survive in Israel is a sick joke. The only multiculturalism in Israel is from different kinds of Jews who have sojourned in different countries and picked up smatterings of their cultures.

Attributing the actions of unwanted Muslim colonists to some abstraction called "Europe" is just a form of anti-European hate discourse. It is as absurd as blaming Israelis for having rockets fired at them by Hamas because both Hamas and the Israelis are "Semites" or "Middle-Easterners".

This theme of "antisemitic attacks" in Europe has been chorused worldwide wherever Jews reside, notably America. I've been trying to objectively analyse the claim that Jews enjoy a disproportionate influence in the media by examining various lists of journalists, checking their backgrounds and comparing the proportion who are Jews to the Jewish share of the overall population. I'll publish this research more formally later, but for now I will just say that the results confirm what you would expect, namely that Jews are vastly disproportionately overrepresented among the ranks of journalists compared to their share of the population. It's not a myth. It's not some antisemitic fable. It is an actual fact.

Another example of this anti-European hate discourse is the recent cover story on Newsweek: Exodus, why Europe's Jews are fleeing once again.
In 1997 I wrote a book about Muslim minorities in Europe, called A Heart Turned East. It was optimistic, and, with hindsight, naïve of me. I travelled across France, Germany, Britain, Turkey and Bosnia. I hoped then that a tolerant, modern Islam could emerge in Europe, in the Ottoman tradition.

This recent spate of articles does have the merit of openly acknowledging the Muslim element of the problem for the first time. That is certainly promising. This latest war in Gaza has really brought the consequences of multiculturalism home to Jews in Europe. It would certainly be useful if they would now use their influence to challenge the multicultural lunacy rather than promote it, but I have no faith in that. They will probably just pack their bags and move to their next hotel, leaving behind the smoking ruins of the countries they helped destroy, still acknowledging no fault of their own.

Like the rest of the recent crop of the articles, this Newsweek article disgracefully conflates the "far-right" with Mohammedans rather than acknowledging that they are the response, and the only solution, to the Mohammedans. And insofar as there is any antisemitism on the "far right", it is because they see how Jews have facilitated and promoted the immvasion of their countries by Muslims.

Recently, I've been been violating my own mind by forcing myself to read The Devil That Never Dies by Daniel Goldhagen. This is a despicable work of propaganda and essentially just another anti-European hatefest. In constructing his bogus case that criticism of Israel = antisemitism, he claims that one indication of this is that Israel is held to a standard that other countries are not held to. This is partially true, as I have conceded, but only because Israelis are considered "white people" and "white people" are held to a higher standard than brown people. It has nothing to do with antisemitism.

But the same point can be made about Europe and Israel with regard to supposed manifestations of "hate". In Europe, these are fairly minor things like daubing a swastika on someone's door or someone making a Sieg Heil gesture. All of these incidents are deplored by politicians. Similar things occur on the US yet get no comparable attention. See this article about a rabbi shot dead in Miami, which also casually mentions that a swastika had been daubed on the synagogue recently. This swastika got no Newsweek coverage.

And, as the article I quote in extracts below shows, far more serious manifestations of intolerance have been occurring in Israel, especially recently, yet these do not generate Newsweek cover stories or global newspaper coverage.

Here, for example, is an article showing teenage Israeli girls openly expressing hatred for Arabs and calling for them to be killed.
Vigilante patrols led by extreme organizations like the state-funded Lehava have cropped up across the entire country to stop Jews and Arabs from having romantic relationships. Perhaps the biggest victims of this fanaticism have been refugees from sub-Saharan Africa. Locked up in detainment centers, they’ve faced abuse from almost every part of the Israeli establishment. From the hundreds of Rabbis banning Jews from renting apartments to Africans, to politicians like Eli Yishai, the ultra-orthodox Interior Minister who in 2012 said “until I can deport them I’ll lock them up to make their lives miserable.”
In a recent study by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, half of all Jewish Israeli high school students said Arab-Israelis should not receive the same set of rights as Jews. Of those who identified as religious, half said the now familiar slogan “Death to Arabs” was legitimate.

I've also recently been reading the book "Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel" by the Jew Max Blumenthal. Some of the details about the systematic ethnic discrimination the Israeli government routinely practises are amazing. Equally amazing is the fact that this is almost completely unknown in the wider world. For example, he describes a law that requires any Gentile who has a relationship with a Jewish girl to register it with the government and provide documentation to the government that the girl's parents approve of her having a relationship with a non-Jew!! And just to be clear, this doesn't just apply to Muslim Arabs. He describes an American who was affected by it. There was also a proposal from Netanyahu for a law that would require the Gentile in question to leave the country at some point for a 10-year "cooling off" period so the Jewish girl could think about whether she really wanted to go on with the relationship!

Just to be clear, I have no real objection to this anti-Arab or anti-whatever behaviour from Jews in their own country. I might even share the sentiments myself in the circumstances. What I object to is:

a) Jewish hypocrisy in pursuing ethno-nationalism in their own homeland while denouncing ethno-nationalism in everyone else's homeland;


b) The fact that minor acts of what are really nothing more than insult or mockery against Jews in Europe get global news coverage, while systematic discrimination at the government level in Israel and much more widespread manifestations of hatred from private individuals get no coverage at all.

It is Europeans who are held to a higher standard and are continually demonised by non-Europeans, especially Jews. This type of discourse centred on accusations of "antisemitism" deserves to be considered a genre of anti-European hate literature. As I have said before, accusing other people of feeling hatred for you is really just an indirect way of expressing your hatred for them. It is time we Europeans started pushing back against the hate, just like the Jews do.


  1. "the classical right, which sees the Jews as the “other” "

    Oh puke

  2. There is another reason why the concept of "anti-semitism" is being given so much attention by media in the West (a significant portion of which is owned or staffed by Jews or those who, knowing the rules, ensure that they tow the 'received' line of approach to this subject): in this age of the internet, when people may avail themselves of independent sources and study directly the texts which form the basis of any ideology, there is far greater likelihood that people will discover the facts of Judaism as an ideology through its own central texts and, in so doing, realise that the issue as presented by media has been grossly one-sided, distorted and even fabricated. Also, historical events take on new interpretations when one has the added advantage of knowing these beliefs and how they impacted, on both the adherents, and those affected by them. Consider how effective it has been to the so-called 'counter-jihad' "movement" to inform its readers of Islam's core texts (Koran, Hadiths, Islamic law manuals like 'Umdat al-Salik) as a way of explaining how the actions of Moslems as individuals, societies and organisations are greatly determined by these teachings. Imagine then the disquieting effect of these same readers becoming acquainted with the Talmud, Halakha, Maimonides' works and the teachings of rabbis (who are inculcatings talmudic teachings on their students and citizens, not as 'extremists' or 'fanatics' but in correct representation of these texts). Once people understand the derivation of Islam from Talmudic Judaism, they are better able to perceive the complexity of the West's problems dealing with islamisation, destruction of our freedoms and denigration of our moral system, laws and social fabric. "Anti-semitism" will shortly be defined as speaking the facts about these texts; hence the present concerted attempt to demonise anyone critical of the ideology as manifested by some of its adherents.

  3. Jews are disliked because they are totalitarian hypocrites who falsely profess democratic values. They were responsible for the creation of communism which killed tens of millions of Europeans -
    They are also responsible for imprisoning people and totally disregarding their human rights when it comes to being able to ask questions about the holocaust -

  4. Just listen to that whining Jew. The Ottomans were "tolerant"? Such a manifestation (of Ottoman Islam) should be "welcomed in Europe"?!?

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