Saturday, 9 August 2014

Islamophobia is a crime according to the prosecutor's office in Belfort (90). Retired teacher of classics, president of the association Résistance Républicaine and collaborator on the site Riposte Laïqueseen as close to the extreme right, Christine Tasin was charged with "incitement to racial hatred" and on Friday was sentenced to a fine of 3000 euros, including 1500 suspended. 
Christine Tasin made the remarks for which she was charged at Belfort on 15 October 2013, during a discussion with members of the Muslim community. She described Islam as a "saloperie" [tn: hard to find a word in English that perfectly captures this but it's something like (filth, muck, cesspit) with a suggestion of a con trick added in], in front of a mobile abattoir installed for the ritual sacrifice of Aïd el-Kébir. The discussion was filmed and put online on YouTube.

"I'm an islamophobe,

"Yes I'm an islamophobe and so? The hatred of Islam, I'm proud of it. Islam is a saloperie  [filth] (...), it's a danger for France", declared Christine Tasin to members of the Muslim community and the Coordination contre le Racisme et l'Islamophobie (CRI) [tn: Committee Against Racism and Islamophobia], who replied that her speech was inspired by "hatred of religion". 
The members of the CRI filed a complaint.

At the hearing on 2 July the accused presented herself wearing blue, white and red and acknowledged her remarks. The prosecutor's office in Belfort, judging that her remarks were of "a nature to inspire a rejection of Muslims by describing them as a danger to France" had requested a sentence of three months' imprisonment suspended and a fine of 3000 euros. 

Despite her conviction, this Friday Christine Tasin published a video where she denounces the verdict, describing the Belfort court as an "Islamic tribunal", which she accuses of "applying sharia (Islamic law) in France". She has also announced that she will appeal her conviction, which her lawyer has confirmed to the AFP.
Source: L'Express


  1. Maybe they should make Western-a-phobia a crime.
    Next time certain sections of society march and demand Sharia is the future.
    Plus 3000 euros a time would soon clear the debts of the governments

  2. She should have told them there is no lawful case to answer, as Islam cannot rationally be considered a religion, it by definition being diametrically opposed to the beliefs and practices of already accepted and established religions such as Buddhism or Christianity.
    Islam can however be recognized as an anti-white genocidal cult of law, that mandates slavery and destruction for all others that are not Islamic.
    In addition Islam’s clearly enslaved followers are simply deranged parasitic benefits jihad invaders and incubators of a terminal virulent pandemic mental illness; imported by hostile enemy occupied governments in order to fill these desperate anti-European politicians vote-farm ghetto’s.

    Furthermore the typical bankrupt circular logic used to justify the genocide of Europe: “If Europe stops immigrants it will collapse, it is necessary to destroy Europe in order to save Europe by importing hordes of communist compatible copulating crap in order to save Europe from itself” etc; are all classic examples of criminal insanity.

    In addition all ‘Civil rights’ laws are null and void since they wrongly assume a right to invest minorities with the ability to contract with unwilling persons without the required presence of mutual and un-coerced assent, a central pillar of contract law.

    In view of the Genocide Convention that defines genocide as any of a number acts “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such.” “Complicity in genocide.” “Conspiracy to commit genocide” etc; any judgement other than “case dismissed” would render the court itself automatically guilty and therefore liable to the penalty of death by hanging.
    I rest my case.