Wednesday, 20 August 2014

BBC Interviews ISIS Supporter by V1683

This is incredible, but also revealing. I had the BBC news channel on in the background and was half-listening to it while doing other things. They had a special programme on dealing with ISIS and the so-called Caliphate. This part of the programme they had set up as a discussion with various invited Muslims. As the discussion continued, I realised, to my incredulity, that the nutter on the left was actually expressing support for ISIS and saying how much Muslims around the world admired them. He was being interviewed just like a normal person with a legitimate point of view. At that point I scrambled for the remote control and started recording. The video above shows what followed, so the start is missing. Still, you can clearly see what an absolute wackjob the guy is.

Yet this is who the BBC allows on to expound his point of view. Would they allow on an "Islamophobe" to explain why Islam is evil? No. Would they allow on a "racist" to explain why third-world immigration is bad? No. Would they allow on an "antisemite" to explain how Jews undermine European culture and civilisation? No. But a radical jihadist nutter is just fine.


  1. I'd say that there will be a European continent wide organized Jihad war within the next ten years.

    I used to think that it would be at least another 20 years, but I think the recent events have shown that Muslims are too impatient to wait that long for total surety of their victory using population increase alone.

  2. Saw this too and couldnt believe it. This was in response to the beheading of James Foley. Incredible. Would they have interviewed Eichmann after the discovery of Belsen?