Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Statement from Xavier Baudry, community councillor of Perpignan-Méditerranée, municipal councillor FN-RBM of Perpignan: 
The group Perpignan Together (FN-RBM) vigorously denounces the serious incidents committed against Saint Paul's church in Moulin à Vent. Our citizens must know that this place of worship is being subjected to stone-throwing, the passers-by and worshippers are regularly insulted, the priest threatened, and this happens even during and exiting from the services!!! Radio silence from the UMPS [tn: contemptuous reference to the two main parties in France, the UMP (right) and the PS (left), implying they are both the same], no statement from the self-proclaimed "bien pensant" artists or intellectuals. What would we have heard if this place of worship had been a synagogue or a mosque?


  1. It is time for the Catholics to organize Catholic Defense Leagues and police with brute force in these areas. The French government has abandoned these people to muzzie savages.