The original impulse to start blogging came in response to my comments being deleted on various websites. My idea was just to post the deleted comments here instead. Later, the blogging took on a life of its own.

Although I don't participate in online conversations on other sites as much as I used to, when I do I still find that my comments are often deleted. I've decided to post some of those comments here (when I remember to save them in advance). It's not that the comments are necessarily expressions of my most profound thought or even particularly memorable, although they might be sometimes. But I think there is some value in seeing the things that can no longer be said. It gives us an inkling of the tyranny we live under.

When reading these, bear in mind that, due to the expectation of censorship, I am almost never expressing myself with complete candour on these sites and may even, occasionally, be trying to pose as a "normie" in order to smuggle in quietly subversive ideas.

Original article: How deeply entrenched is racial equality in the UK?

My comments:

1) And not just their cultures. Perhaps their genetic make-up has some influence too, although this is heresy and the comment will be instantly deleted* and my account probably suspended too. Intelligence is largely heritable. IQ varies systematically by country; it is not evenly distributed across the world. A country's measured average IQ correlates significantly with its average level of prosperity. In recent decades, the countries of northern Europe have been experiencing a hitherto unknown phenomenon: a progressive drop in average IQ. Prior to this, all countries had experienced a gradual rise in IQ, known as the "Flynn effect". Due to the "negative Flynn effect", believed to be caused by immigration from low IQ countries, the average IQ in France has been falling by 4 points per decade.

*This comment did in fact get my user-account switched to "pre-moderation". This means all of my comments would have had to be approved by a moderator before appearing. In practice, it means they almost never appear. Whenever my Guardian account is switched to "pre-moderation" I just create a new account.

2) There are many explanations for these statistical discrepancies other than the supposed evilness of the ancestral population of this island. This is a familiar reprise of the Blame Whitey theme, in which Europeans are stigmatised for the failings of non-Europeans. If simple prejudice against brown people was at the root of all of this statistical variation, it would fail to explain the differences between different kinds of brown people. Therefore there must be some other explanation.

Original article: The alt right is old racism for the tech-savvy generation

What you call racism is simply the wish of Europeans not to become ethnic minorities in their own lands. No non-European people would wish to become an ethnic minority in their ancestral homelands; yet none of them would be stigmatised as evil for expressing this wish. Only Europeans are.

But why should we so casually condemn our descendants to life as an ethnic minority? It is inconceivable that this will not adversely affect them in some way.

Original article: War memorials have failed - we have forgotten the chaos of fascism

I would think that the revolt on the right is, at least in part, driven by a sense of sickening satiation with regard to the preponderance of Holocaust images, films, monuments, memorial ceremonies, forced indoctrination and its prevalence in political rhetoric to stigmatise anyone who dissents from the idea that diversity is our strength, Islam is a religion of peace or immigration is wholly wonderful. Schindler's List seems to have opened the floodgates to an unending torrent of Holocaust dramas. It has become the ultimate Hollywood cliché, the surest route to the sentimental fix of "unearned emotion".

People ask why it is that the murder of Jews during WW2 is singled out for such privileged treatment compared to the much larger number of non-Jews who died; or indeed the mass exterminations by left-wing dictators such as Stalin or Mao. If they are eastern European, they might be conscious of the Holodomor, the mass extermination in the Ukraine in which Jews played a significant role as perpetrators, something Hitler was aware of, and which no doubt added fervour to his anti-Semitism, prompting him to see his own exterminationist fantasies as a kind of revenge.

Original article: JDL Canada is 'more than willing' to help defend Montana Jews from Neo-Nazis

In your narration, you are leaving out the most crucial element of the story. Spencer's mother was being pressured into selling the building by a Jewish realtor and the Jewish realtor wanted to handle the transaction, thus deriving personal profit from it. She also wanted Spencer's mother to donate some of the proceeds of the sale to her own organization. Her apparent idealism could therefore be interpreted as simply a mask disguising a selfish, even criminal, intent. For all the talk of threats, the only really personal threat of violence I have seen from any public figure at any point in this story is from the Kahanist you quote in the article: “That guy’s going to get his head kicked in. He’s a Nazi, this guy’s a Nazi,” Weinstein said of Spencer in a phone interview.

Original article: Dreaming of Europe: the last young man left in a Senegalese village

According to UN projections, the population of Africa in the course of this century will grow from 1 billion to 4.4 billion. If this voluntary migration is allowed to continue, European civilisation will effectively cease to exist, being forcibly merged with Africa.

Original article: University is still a white, middle-class affair - it's not just Cambridge 

Black men are overrepresented in the prison system by something like 5 times their share of the population. So I'd love to here the explanation for your claim that black people are no more likely to commit crime.

Higher education is not for everyone. It is designed for those with the greatest scholarly aptitude. Your insistence that it somehow be redesigned for people without scholarly aptitude makes no sense. You say these people have some other non-scholarly forms of intelligence. Well perhaps. But, if so, they should exercise them in some other field. It's like saying that athletics competitions should be redesigned so fat people can participate in them because their specific "cultural positioning" causes them to have a different form of athleticism that biased adjudicators perceive as a lack of fitness.

Original article: Think different: can advertising defeat 'Alt Right' propaganda?

I think the government has made a mistake by picking an obviously Jewish agency like Saatchi to run this campaign. Part of Alt Right ideology is that Jews promote immigration and counter opposition to it through the use of social stigma. Having Saatchi run this propaganda campaign therefore runs the risk of validating core elements of their ideology.

Original article: 'Their message is urgent': the Holocaust survivor and is 7000 pieces of antisemitic propaganda

Jacob Schiff was a New York financier who did provide assistance to communists in Russia. That may seem illogical to some, but it is a factual reality nonetheless.

The "mystery" of antisemitism will forever remain incomprehensible for as long as anyone who attempts to comprehend it is subject to social ostracism, professional destruction, comment deletion and prosecution for hate speech.

Original article: In dark times, this image has a glorious message - resistance is not futile

Saffiyeh Khan is the equivalent of a British imperialist in 19th century India sneering at a pitiful crowd of indigenous people protesting against her and demanding control of their ancestral homeland, while armed sentinels stand guard, ready to repress the native populace should their protest get out of hand.

Original article: France is angry. The left must show Europe that bigotry is not the answer

For as long as the Left continues to define as "bigotry" the wish not to become an ethnic minority in your own ancestral homeland, it will go on haemorrhaging support.

Original article: My generation has to choose between a child or a career. We can't afford both

Two separate comments deleted:

Of course this has nothing to do with immigration affecting the employment and housing markets.

Western women, indoctrinated by feminism, are prioritising having a career over having children. As a result, birth rates are below replacement level and non-western immigrants who despise feminism are brought in to supplement the deficit of children. A rational person might conclude from this that feminism is not a sustainable ideology.


Original article: Ofcom, please listen. Racial diversity in TV means seeing the bigger picture

What you are proposing is the creation of a society based on racial privilege. It is a profoundly sinister idea, one that violates the basic norms of our civilisation.

The truth is exactly the opposite of what you claim. Far from being discriminated against, dark-skinned people enjoy an enormous privilege when compared to indigenous working-class communities. There are more working class white people in the west of Scotland than there are blacks in the whole of the UK. Yet the representation of blacks on our cinema and television is vastly greater than the representation of working class Glaswegians. Your physical demarcation from the majority of the population earns you a special attentiveness from the powers that be.


Original article: The west's wealth is based on slavery. Reparations should be paid.

This semi-educated drivel reads like a parody of "Blame Whitey". Do you have any actual evidence that the West benefited from slavery or colonialism? Most assessments concluded that it cost more than it brought in. The American north was more prosperous than the slave-owning south.

Africans were enslaving one another since time immemorial. Muslims were enslaving Africans for 1000 years before Europeans arrived. Do they owe reparations too? And if African labour was so valuable, why didn't Africa and the Middle East become rich too?

If colonialism was so oppressive, why did African demographics begin to shoot upwards under western rule? And if British racism is so oppressive now, why are you still here?


  1. As to censoring. Khazarian owned Google(*) is now shadow censoring comments on YouTube.

    That means that they will permit one to comment, and the commenter will see his comment, but no one else will be shown the comment.

    Even of more import is that they are not censoring angry, profane, abusive, or rant filled comments. Instead they seem to be censoring high minded, intelligent, and thoughtful comments. I.e. they allow the emotional laden comments that produce divisiveness, but censor comments that might engender thinking or awareness.

    "Big Brother" is Jewish.

    An American citizen, not US subject.