Friday, 18 August 2017


  1. By forcing the (((rulers))) to show their repressive hand, we make their tyranny manifest.

    The question is, can we recover from it and develop our own free speech infrastructure that can survive repression?

  2. It is probably likely that this entire set-up in Virginia was organised extensively and for some time (including the internet shut-down) because it is clear that it also means an assault on a people's collective history (statues destroyed in the US and a gravesite of a VC hero of the British-Zulu War desecrated. (The Zulus had genocided the Bantu tribe out of their own country in their war against other black tribes but the usual suspects would never let that bit of information out.)

    1. The illusion of Charlottsville probably runs deeper than we know. I've reviewed the list above of so-called right sites, people, and events that got shut down, and several of them are jewish (RamZPaul), while others have been suspected of being controlled opposition for a long time (Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, and Paul Joseph Watson, among others). This is designed to create indignation in the real right and cause them to rise up so they can be detained in prison, demonized and totally destroyed, thus discouraging anyone else from doing so. Shut up and obey.

  3. By the way, a legitimate right site that was blown off the web almost immediately after the Charlottsville production was White News Now. It wasn't so much a dedicated site for White news, as it was a place to post links to good articles about White issues published elsewhere. Vincent Reynouard posted a lot there. Just disappeared.

  4. These people are all Jews. Haha!