Saturday, 12 August 2017

City of Åmål has started an investigation into a HVB home in the municipality. Among other things, a female employee gave a minor a "lapdance" and had an intimate relationship with the minors. In addition, there must have been several other sexual relations between employees and residents at the HVB home in the municipality, writes SVT Nyheter Väst. Staff at a HVB home in Åmål had a party in an apartment in the city. It was really celebrated. The guests drank alcohol and vomited, writes SVT. 

At the party there was, among other things, a minor who lives at the HVB home. In addition to the celebration, there was sexual relationship between a female employee at the HVB home and the minors. In addition to these events, SVT Nyheter Väst has talked to several people who have insight into the HVB operations in Åmål. They have reported that there have also been several sexual relations between employees and young people living in HVB homes. 

Ivan Stipic, managing director at Åmåls municipality, points out that it is unacceptable that the staff generally celebrate and drink alcohol with the residents who are in reliance on the staff. According to Stipic, it is the task of the social services to decide if any police report is to be given.

Bear in mind that "child refugees" are sometimes actually 18 - 20 year old migrants, who often lie about their age in order to be accepted in the country.

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