Sunday, 20 August 2017

"We cannot accept free speech. The Talmud tells me that the goy must be suppressed at all times"
We're used to Jews trying to suppress free speech everywhere. We've seen some epic examples of that this week. Less familiar are the strenuous efforts Jews make to resist the rare attempts to liberalise laws regulating free expression. We saw a memorable example of that a few years ago when an Austrian government came to power promising to roll back "hate speech" laws. Then the Jews got to them and they changed their minds. (link)

Here we see another Jewish effort at rollback resistance. The scene is Scotland where, a few years ago, totalitarian leftists passed draconian laws regulating expressions of "religious hatred" at football matches. This was designed to deal with petty Catholic/Protestant rivalry, where football teams are associated with one or the other faction and their respective fans sing antagonistic songs at one another (think a watered-down version of Northern Ireland). Unfortunately, the scope of these laws was so great that they criminalised huge numbers of people. So now an effort to repeal them is underway. But the Jews beg to differ. Instead, they say, the laws should be extended further to apply to all situations, not just football matches.
Critics have said the "unworkable" and "rushed" laws unfairly criminalise football fans and all opposition parties want to see them scrapped. 
However, the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (SCoJeC) said that would "send exactly the wrong message" to bigots, racists and racists and antisemites. 
SCoJeC's submission states: "We agree that these behaviours covered by the 2012 Act should be criminal offences, but disagree that this should be limited to the context of football matches. We are, for example, aware of analogous behaviours at the venue of an Edinburgh Fringe Festival event, when demonstrators protesting against the presence at the Festival of an Israeli dance group abused Jewish and Israeli people with taunts of 'Your money is covered with Palestinian blood' and 'How many babies did you slaughter today?'.  
"The level of intimidation at such demonstrations was such that one mother told us 'We are scared for our children's safety. We are now confining ourselves to our home more. We have instructed the children not to identify themselves as Jewish to anyone who doesn't already know. We fear the new school year. We fear bringing the children to cheder [Jewish religion classes]'."


  1. Always trying to get special rights, protections and privileges for themselves...always.