Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Little Marco is back, undistinguishing himself yet again.

He's been working on a new political philosophy, designed to replace that obsolete one dreamed up by those old slave-owning white guys and enshrined in the US Constitution.

According to Little Marco's new Weltanschauung, freedom of speech no longer applies; not does freedom of thought. From now on, it's OK to attack people, especially white people, if they have incorrect emotions, in particular the evil emotions of anger and hate.

But wait? Wouldn't this logic apply to Black Lives Matter and innumerable other groups formed by brown-skinned people with one key principle at their core: Blame Whitey?

Since they are built on anger, according to the new Little Marco dispensation, people should feel free to attack them?

But no. It seems Little Marco's license to kill only targets white people.


  1. OT

    CZ, i suggest you save your most important articles in or the wayback machine site, because from what i hear on /pol/ many far right sites are under various forms of attack. It is never too late to start planning for the worst. You should be ready for a situation where this place goes down too and have a contingency plan in place.

    I already saved most of my stuff.

    1. I make backups regularly and made another one a few days ago when this drama started. With these backups, I should theoretically be able to recreate the entire content of the blog on another Blogger site or on Wordpress.

      If you like, I can send you a copy of the backup file by email so you could reproduce the content if anything happened to me. It's about 20 Mb though.

    2. The "far right" is coming under the spotlight, Congress will hold hearings on the "white supremacist" issue. Lots of jews got angry of the way Trump handled the Charlottesville event, so we and everybody like us are on the radar. I see signs of intensive Antifa/Hacker cyberactivity targeting the alt right too.
      I do not believe that something will happen to you because i do not think that God will take away such a great person like you anytime soon. You and your work are needed here, so you should stay on this Earth as long as possible.

      Still, if you think it is a good idea you can send me your backup. I will make sure that it is not lost.