Saturday, 12 August 2017

Who is a Jew? According to a Jewish messianic group from America, you can find out for only $300 with a private DNA test. And according to this test, the Jewish genetic family does not include Igbo people of Nigeria, a tribe of 30 million who have claimed a connection to Judaism for hundreds of years. 
In a move that has garnered condemnation and anger from Nigerian Jews and international scholars, Jewish Voice Ministries, a messianic group from Arizona, announced this week that the Igbo are not “genetically” Jewish based on their private DNA tests. 
Jewish Voice Ministries said they traveled to Nigeria to investigate claims that the Igbo people are descendants of ancient Israelites. Some Igbo believe that the term “Igbo” is a bastardized version of the word “Hebrew” and point to many cultural similarities between Igbo traditions and Judaism. 
“The purpose of the tests was to provide them with testing and the pursuit of truth in terms of historical identity,” said a spokesman for Jewish Voice Ministries. “The DNA did not support their claim to be an ancient people of Israel, but we still consider them our brothers through common faith in the Messiah Yeshua.”

Because these negroes aren't genetically Jewish, they won't get any more money. The Jewish Voice only dispenses charity to people who have the "right" genes.
The Jewish Voice Ministry also provides medical care and services to international communities as part of its social outreach. In March, the head of Jewish Voice, Jonathan Bernis, told the Forward that the organization will base their medical outreach to Nigeria on the results of the test. 
“We go to areas with a Jewish population or people who are historically tied to the Jewish people to provide aid,” Bernis told The Forward. “The result of the DNA testing would determine what degree of service we provide going forward.”
These messianic Jews seems to be Jews who accept Jesus (Yeshua) as a Jewish prophet, but otherwise preserve the obsessive ethnocentrism that lies at the heart of Judaism.


  1. "These messianic Jews seems to be Jews who accept Jesus (Yeshua) as a Jewish prophet, but otherwise preserve the obsessive ethnocentrism that lies at the heart of Judaism." That's because all jews are the same. jews for Jesus is a sham movement.

    Yes, the jews will do anything to deny their mixed-race heritage that includes negroid genetics. I'd bet they never even tested the Igbo DNA. Only an independent lab could give a legitimate result. jews also resist acknowledging the black Ethiopian jews, even while at least 1 out of 3 of jews ends up with a kinky hair jewfro, as they call it, which is a dead give away of their negroid admixture. Independent tests have shown jews to be about 13% negroid, even the ashkenazi, along with Arab, Mongol, and a mish mash of other genetic material. They promote race-mixing and rant on about the "dangers" of racial purity because they know they are mongrels themselves, unlike the overwhelming majority of Whites.