Tuesday, 1 August 2017

...in France and across the world, there is a fringe of activists, thinkers, political leaders, who feel unstinting admiration for this old writer. They are found, generally, on the right of the right: declinists, identitarians, white supremacists. For them, Jean Raspail is the prophet, the man who was the first to see take shape the "immigration catastrophe" we are currently experiencing, the prelude to the inevitable shock of civilisations which will see the West sink if it does not react (by force, it goes without saying). 
...Raspail admits it, today "The Camp of the Saints" would be unpublishable. Out of a taste for provocation, the old writer has himself listed 87 grounds for legal prosecution based on current legislation.

For more on the Camp of the Saints, see here (link). To read interesting extracts from interviews Raspail has given, see here (link) and here (link).


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