Sunday, 6 August 2017

A 36-year-old Tunisian fell to his death leaning out from the balustrade of the terrace on top of Spezia cathedral, dying on the concrete, and comments with a clear racist background are appearing on the web: "One less", "We will all end up in the coffin if the boats continue to arrive", "One less to pay for". The head of the Socialist group in the Liguria region, Raffaella Paita, criticised the comments in remarks he made and called on the administrators of internet sites to "control the content". 
"Celebrating the death of a man who dies falling from the balcony of a cathedral," said Paita, "is a sign of incivility. It doesn't matter if he is an immigrant. Comments of this nature are expressions of an unjustified malice, capable of exacerbating an already difficult climate and not only due to the arrival of immigrants. The conspicuous presence of cynical phrases is the sign of an intolerant culture in which we find ourselves ever more immersed."

The dead Muslims was an illegal was told to leave the country last year. But he decided to stay. It's not clear whether the Muslim jumped or fell.


  1. I don't recall any demands to "control the internet" when a joke about American lawyers was making the rounds a decade a so or ago:

    "What do you call 500 dead lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? Answer: A good start."

    If, as the traitorous politician says, the response of the beleaguered Christian natives is "the sign of an intolerant culture in which we find ourselves ever more immersed", he should be told emphatically that his action, and that of his co-conspirators, as well as the inherent intolerance of the invaders, is where the blame lies. The public should no longer remain silent and should, peacefully but emphatically, be protesting in the streets, the offices of civil administration and especially at the political headquarters of every political party.