Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lombardy is hosting approximately 28 thousand asylum seekers, at a cost of around 800 million per year, which is which is 13% of the 250 thousand nationally."

These figures were provided by Paolo Grimoldi, a member of the Lombard League and Lega Nord. If they are correct, and the costs were proportionate across Italy, it would mean the country was paying 6 billion euros each year to accommodate asylum seekers.

In fact, it is probably even higher since local government expenditures would not cover national-level responsibilities such as naval missions and the like.

Here is an evocative image of the invasion underway in the small Italian baroque town of Modica, in Sicily.

In times of anti-immigrant barricades, in Modica 50 unaccompanied foreign minors who have just arrived are welcomed with a tour of the historic centre. "Together we welcome you: we welcome you into our town and into our hearts, and you also welcome us into your hearts and your story and young lives," said Maurilio Assenza, director of the local Caritas, yesterday.
... "In contrast to the gestures of rejection, which are born of ignorance and closure of the soul, we, with Giorgio La Pira, want to look for and preserve the soul of the town, which is its history of welcoming guests," concluded the director of Caritas.

Caritas is a pro-invasion Catholic charity.


  1. The costs also does not include rising crime, spread of exotic diseases, decline in the tourism sector, etc.