Friday, 18 August 2017

Under the cover of anonymity, they offer their reasons: "Islam is being imposed on us. In France, it's the state of emergency. Here, we have peace. Just peace. You have the impression of living in the France of the 1960s or 1970s with different values. In Lisbon, even at 2 o'clock at night, you don't feel in danger. It's the supreme luxury. I am a citizen of the world, but there... As soon as you start a debate about veiled women, the Belphégor*… they stick a label on you. You can't say anything any more. Here, you're not judged. That's the reason we left France." Marie-Claude starts off : "The market in Carpentras, which used to be an artisan's market, has become a souk." And they think they understand that if there are no Arabs, or very few, in Portugal, it's "because there are no welfare benefits."

Belphégor refers to a mythical demonic figure, but it seems to have come into use in France as a slang term for burka-wearing women. (Maybe a native French speaker will correct me if I am wrong).


  1. "I am a citizen of the world"

    This does not sound good to me.

  2. Portugal is much more multiracial than France. Even the Portuguese football team has more non-white compared to the French.

    There is no Islamization of France. There are several laws created that prohibit Islamists from practicing their customs and that encourage their assimilation (miscegenation) of the same with the French.