Friday, 4 August 2017

Alain Jakubowicz and some of his Muslim friends
LICRA rejoiced loudly, seeing immediately the significance of the event. On the evening of Monday 24 July 2017, the National Assembly effectively incorporated into the criminal law, in the form of an amendment, a punishment of ineligibility for public office for people convicted of "actions related to racism, antisemitism, holocaust denial, homophobia and any form of discrimination". 
Alain Jakubowicz, president of LICRA, is full of himself: "With this vote, the National Assembly has adopted a proposal made by LICRA for a long time and which culminated thanks to many meetings I was able to have, alongside Mario Stasi and Sabrina Goldman, with the Home Secretary and a certain number of MPs." 
...The consequences of this amendment are incalculable are further frighteningly reduce the freedom of expression in our country. People convicted of the following crimes will be, absent a grounded decision from the court, be declared ineligible for public office for a period of up to 10 years: "public insult of a racial character (article 33 paragraph 3 of the law dated 29 July 1881), public insult of a homophobic character (article 33 paragraph 4 of the law dated 29 July 1881), public defamation of a racial character (article 32 paragraph 2 of the law of 1881), public defamation of a homophobic character (article 32 paragraph 3 of the law of 1881), public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence of a racial character (article 24 paragraph 7 of the law of 1881), public provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence of a homophobic character (article 24 paragraph 8 of the law of 1881), apology for crimes against humanity (article 24 paragraph 5 of the law of 1881), denial of crimes against humanity (article 24 bis of the law of 1881), discrimination (Article 225-1 and 225-2 of the criminal code)"
"If a law like this had been voted in at the time of the Pleven law in 1972, Jean-Marie Le Pen, among others, would no doubt never have been able to present himself for the votes of the French people," said Alain Jakubowicz enthusiastically, adding, smugly, "France is no doubt the first country in the world to put in place laws that declare that the name of racists, antisemites, holocaust deniers, homophobes has no place on a voting ballot. LICRA is product of having been at the origin of a law of historic scope, as it was in 1972 during the adoption of the Pleven law."
Source: Rivarol

The Pleven law was another anti-free-speech law in 1972 that created incitement to hatred crimes in France. Crucially, it allowed third-party organisations to file complaints on behalf of the groups they supposedly represented. Jews lobbied for the law and these provisions specifically and have been making plentiful use of them ever since to suppress free speech in France.

Here the Jews are openly gloating about the suppression of democracy, boasting that a former presidential candidate (Jean-Marie Le Pen) would not even have been able to stand under this new law.

LICRA is roughly equivalent to the SPLC in the US, founded and dominated by Jews but not explicitly a Jewish advocacy organisation. For more about its history, see here (link).


  1. The jews continue to create laws that set them apart from everyone else with special rights and privileges under the guise of "protection". They're making themselves literally untouchable with outrageous laws like this, especially now since one will not be able to enter government and try to effect change based on their specific ideals. At the same time, they continue to dehumanize Whites by taking the voice away, the basic right to speak up on your own behalf and against one's persecutor. It's just another big FU to Whites, as if to say, "Shut up, tax cattle and keep producing for us. You're lucky we allow you to exist at all." Why do we put up with trash like this?

  2. You can have Jews or you can have freedom, you can't have both. They live as destructive parasites on the native population and require oppression to keep their victims from scratching them off. For centuries they've swept in behind conquerors to feed on the conquered. Here they feed on the vicious class war going on in the West.

    Likewise, you can have diversity or you can have freedom, you can't have both.

  3. This should be the slogan of the world : YOU CAN HAVE JEWS OR YOU CAN HAVE FREEDOM, YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH. Man, there is nothing more true. Everywhere they go, these genetic mutants bring nothing but misery, death, and despair. It's no coincidence that they have been kicked out of over 120 nations 359 times. 359 times!!! How do you manage to not learn anything from that except to be more evil?

  4. No one could buy or sell without the name or number or the mark of his name. The beast from the bottomless pit Zionism.

  5. And the Noahide Laws will very likely be next to be put on statute in France.

  6. Christian scripture says that the heathen self-righteous lawmen (Jewish Law, Sharia Law, Noahide Law) would wear out the saints of the most high God. The question therefor is how? Scripture says that men would wax worse and worse; deceiving and being deceived. Esau has no inheritance with the saints. Esau's are all those who are justified by the law or believe in their own self-righteousness rather than the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross. Esau's look to their own works of righteousness in law and not the grace of God freely given by a loving Father through his son Jesus Christ. Esau's have no conception of sin and atonement for their sins. Thus they will perish forever and will not have any inheritance in the Kingdom of God. For better than 2000 years grace has been extended but men refuse to repent and turn. Bond-women have no inheritance with the free-woman.

    Again one must ask how have the saints been overcome? By heretical self-righteous Christians who have tolerated the beast from the bottomless pit...Zionism. These Christians have embraced ANTICHRIST thus making themselves 2 fold the children of hell. Thus they have emboldened and strengthened the arm of satanic deception and contributed to their own destruction. They have the MARK.

    The Esau's are carried captive at the will of Antichrist Israel. Israel is the Image of the Beast created by the Zionist Dragon in London's Square Mile. This Dragon created the beast of the world who have allowed the dragons beast's to reign and produce the False Image of Israel that speaks and enslaves mankind to Satan's' will. Israel plotted and planned the immigrant invasion of Europe along with the plan for a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

    For those with eyes, Antichrist has already worn out the true saints and overcome them. The trumps have ended and vials are here...judgment is at the door. Come out from among them and CALL UPON THE NAME JESUS CHRIST AND YOU WILL BE SAVED! It is a free gift from the father BUT lawmen are out to kill you!

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  8. I really don't understand how anyone can consider that Jesus is able to 'save' anyone. He is the one who is threatening everyone who will not surrender to him with being burned alive ceaselessly, for all eternity, and this threat existed before the Roman Catholic Church was founded, in the writings of 'saints' in 125 AD and 150 AD, so the offer of 'salvation' is pretty sick really, and I mean that in the real sense of the word.

    Do you ever feel that you are the victim of a massive confidence trick of demonic nature? I would say the same to Christians, Muslims and Jews, though the Jews of course see through all the bullshit of Christianity and Islam, due to the fact that they themselves, under the influence of maya, invented Christianity and Islam as a major psy-op.

    The real God (Krishna) does not burn anyone alive forever, or reject even a single soul for all eternity.

    The Abrahamic faiths are foretold in the Bhavishya Purana as being for those of demonic mentality in this age of Kali Yuga, and none of the adherents are saints, or holy, or ever able to go to the actual spiritual plane unless they drop all this nonsense of sending any others to hell for all eternity, as all three belief systems senselessly threaten that inconceivably horrific torture against all of those not within their groups after life on this material world is over.

    That is the spiritual test, ultimately set by the real God Himself, to weed out those too vicious and vindictive to escape living on this world, by testing to see if the fallen souls continue to agree to permitting such terrible torture to be inflicted on others. If they do continue to demonstrate such a terrible attitude, then they themselves have failed every spiritual test and are themselves repeatedly confined on the material plane, life after life in the material prison house of maya until they decide to adopt a more loving and compassionate attitude, then their cycle of material reincarnation can stop.

    No Christian, Muslim or Jew is a saint, or will ever go to any spiritual dimension.